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Taxes in Saudi Arabia

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Why aren't there taxes in Saudi? It would really help us out economically and socially. More infrastructure projects can be funded by the government.

Would you ever accept paying taxes? Even if we start slow, then eventually reaching a small plateau of taxation level. We probably don't want to pay taxes on our income or property, but why not do so on items we buy or vehicles?

Too much tax is no good, but a little of it can be beneficial. Our GDP would increase accordingly due to more government spending.
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there are but it's called fees of services ;D
The way I see it, it's a trade off. I would gladly pay taxes if I were living in a democratic country, where I would have a say, or even a partial say in what goes on and how.
taxes that make variance between local products and import products , in saudi there are not Manufacturing, all is Light industry, so why need a taxes?
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