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TEFL courses in Manc

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Howdy peeps.

I'm looking at doing a TEFL course in Manc, but with a long term view of buggering off to Thailand.

Looking around on the grand t'interwebs, I cannae find shite all info. Everything seems to be shitty weekend or online courses. I found something at City College, but their website is bobbins and doesn't actually tell you sod all about what they offer. I've requested some proper documentation to be posted to me, but that may be a while until I get anything back from them.

So my lovely people, could anybody give me any advice on good places to gain such a qualification, or if anybody here has undertaken such a course, just give me some general info regards to where and what I should be looking for?

Leeds would be an option too. But same again, I can't see anything other than questionable looking weekend schemes.

Thank you please.
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"The file is damaged and could not be repaired"
Weird. I can see it. :dunno:

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

A Survey of training courses in the Manchester area

If you are considering working as a teacher of English as a
foreign language, either in the UK or abroad –

 Read AGCAS booklet “Education” available free in the
Careers Information room.
 ELT Guide – a comprehensive reference book, also
available in the Information room.
 ‘Working Abroad’ handout, which has a section on
Teaching English as a foreign language.

The Prospects Website has
downloadable information on the work of TEFL teacher

Please note that both the ‘Trinity College TESOL
certificate’ and the ‘Cambridge CELTA certificate’ are
both equally acceptable qualifications for TEFL jobs

The following local colleges offer courses.

1. Manchester College of Arts and Technology
Nicholls House,
Hyde Road,
M12 6BA

[email protected]
Tel: 0800 068 8585

TESOL Foundation Certificate/Certificate and Licentiate
Diploma (Trinity College, London)
Offer three levels of courses: part-time, two evenings
per week or one day per week from October to May;
also offer an intensive 4 week course in early summer.
Contact college for details of cost of courses, including
any remissions for people on means-tested benefits.

2. City College Manchester
Admissions Team
PO Box 40
M23 0GN
Tel: 0800 013 0123

TESOL Certificate and Licentiate Diploma
(Trinity College, London)
Offer part- time courses over 12, 16 or 30 weeks. 5
weeks full-time.
Contact college for details of costs and any remission of

3. The Manchester Academy of English
St Margaret’s Chambers
5 Newton Street
M1 1HL
Tel: 0161 237 5619
E-mail: [email protected] - Click on ‘Cambridge
CELTA’ on the left hand side in the Menu.

Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to
Adults (CELTA)
Offer a 4 week course (130 hours) throughout the year
and an 18 week part time course.

TEFL Taster Days
One day (six hours) course Costs £70 (deducted from
CELTA course if student enrolls).

Contact college for details of cost of full and Part-time

4. Salford University
M5 4WT
Tel: 0161 295 4378 (ask for Fiona Park)
E-mail: [email protected]

Full-time (one year) or Part-time (two years)

NB. This course is only suitable for practicing TEFL
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