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[Tehran] International Communications Center

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#PROJECT: (U/C) Tehran International Communications Center

Tehran International Communications Center Project :
After studies on 17 proposed sites, an area on the northern tip of Kouye Nasr District, overlooking a series of highways in northwest Tehran was chosen as the site of the project. The high elevation of the site and easy access to various districts are among pluses of the location. It overlooks four major highways of the capital, namely Resalat, Sheikh Fazlollah Nouri, Hemmat and Chamran.

The complex builds on of modern communications technology to advance the commercial, economic and cultural cause of the nation. Besides, it is designed in a way that each section, although independent and specialized in nature, complements others and makes use of their facilities.
The project meant to be a "practical facility" and an "active urban center" will play an important role at urban, Tran urban, national and regional levels. The project follows the following objectives.

* Housing the country's tallest building as a national landmark and proving Iran's technical and engineering capabilities

* Paving the way for the emergence of local talents

* Setting the stage for better coverage of telecommunications, TV and meteorological signals

* Creating administrative and trade centers to facilitate capital inflow and making optimal use of recreational facilities to bolster tourism

* Building museums to display the valuable legacy of the Islamic Revolution, the Sacred Defense, and the architect of the Islamic Republic :blahblah:

* Preparing the groundwork for expansion of international trade, E-trade in particular

* Establishing convention centers to host national and international gatherings

* Promoting the hospitality industry by building a 5-star hotel

* And, building trade centers at the foot of the tower and a hotel to facilitate capital inflow.

Project Renderings:

As you can see the Project also includes the Borje Milad which you can see here
(i know these renderings ^^ have already been posted but i thought i wud it be good to refresh peoples memories ;) )

Other parts of the Project


SO FAR (construction pics): ;)

^^ courtesy of Gilgamesh....our fantastic mod... :D

it looks as though they havent started the rest of the project yet...

more info here...
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great find gol... bout time some one posted some info about the entire project not jus the borj :p :eek:kay:
Damn it, I should of copyrighted my pictures. :(

Well anyway, as far as I've seen these are completed but I don't know about the interior.

Still, good thing someone bothered to post this. ;) :yes:
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lol..awww...sorry gilgi... :( didnt know it was ur pic....

i've edited it....take a look... ;)
gole_hayahou said:
lol..awww...sorry gilgi... :( didnt know it was ur pic....

i've edited it....take a look... ;)
Lol, it's alright these photos are all over the internet anyways. My own fault. :bash: ..Meh.

Well anyway thank you for giving credit. :) :) :)
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I know the hospital is finished long ago, but any one knows if the Hamayesh centre or the hotel has been finished yet?
im not sure whether it has...coz if u look at the pictures they seem to be concentrating on the borje milad....but i duno...meh.x
OK what about the hotel?
hospital looks built....but the hotel remains to be seen.
The pic does not work.
Oh no changes in the past 6 months.
Hey more nice pics :D

I think if you move these to this thread is more apropriat... exept this pic:
ThePersian said:
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little progress...
Well there's nothing more to progress on since the project is completed or atleast that's what I bet on, hehe. ;)

Nice pix and on a side note, Milad hospital looks semi-commieblockish. :D
where is the top?
the antena, the gold etc.
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