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Hi all,

I welcome you to Tehran, the biggest city in the Middle East with a metro population of around 16 Million, also one of the biggest cities in the world.

To see the pictures in the glossary specified below, you can jump directly to that page by typing the page number in the box below the arrow to the right side of the page numbers :)

Alitezar's January 2013 Tehran Trip Pictures, please visit pages 516-520

Alitezar's June 2011 Tehran Trip Pictures, please visit pages 441-448

Alitezar's July 2008 Tehran Trip Pictures in pages 105-108

Alitezar's August 2007 Tehran Trip Pictures in pages 42-46

For Tehran's Night Life, please visit page 398

For Iranian Wedding & Ceremony Pix, please visit page 300

For Tehran's Wall Mural Pix, please visit page 346

For Iranian Cuisine Pix, please visit page 82

For Iranian Celebrities (Cinema), please visit page 160 & 231 & 232

For Tehran's Milad Tower Grand Opening Pix, please visit page 130

For Pictures of Summer 2011 Water Gun Fights, please visit page 449

For Tehran's Offices and Their Interior, please visit page 411

For Tehran's Aerial Pictures, please visit page 502

For a quick tour of some of Foreign Restaurats in Tehran, please visit page 408

For panos of Elahiyeh and Fereshteh areas, please visit page 169

For Gathering of people with Curly Hair LOL, please visit page 418

For Aerial Pix of Some of Tehran Parks, please visit page 65

For Abbas Abad Hills Developments, please visit page 457

For Iranian Magazines, please visit page 293

For a Glimpse on Tehran Cinemas, please visit page 358

Hi everyone:

These are all pictures of Tehran the capital of Iran, the biggest city in the Middle East with a metro population of 14M.

Here you can see the other side of Iran that western media does not want u to see. It's nothing like the news or whatever the stupid western media makes it look in front of the world.
It's a very nice city with great hospitable people and architecture.

>>>>>It is also a very safe place for all people and tourists.

*******women in Iran are required by the government to wear head scarves and an overcoat, which really sucks and if you are a female visitor going to Iran you need to cover your hair with a scarf. But it's not as bad as it seems and in some ways it can be stylish.

*******Also this is not a political thread and I kindly ask you not to post any politics related posts here please.

******Tehran is more modern than historic. Iran is filled with amazing historic attractions but they are mostly in other cities, such as Shiraz & Isfahan. You may visit the Iran forum to see some of those sights.

>>>>>>>>One of the major concers of most people is that if Iran is a safe place to visit and if Iranians are friendly people and they are afraid that they may dislike western countries but the total opposite is true. Persian hospitality is one of the most important traits of Iranians and you can find many articles online about it.

Iran's Provinces and their capitals

In the map below I have marked main territories of Tehran, Northern Tehran, East, West, Central and South from

1. Northern Tehran: Wealthy areas , Upper Class
2. East: Middle Class
3. West: Middle Class and Upper Middle Class and Wealthy closer to the North East Corner and center of the area (shahrake Qarb)
4. Central Tehran: Middle Class
5. South: Lower middle class, poor areas in the further south and south end tips of the city

All these orange lines are Tehran main has as many highways as Los Angeles and New York...

Below are the name of major neighborhoods of Tehran Metro area from Wikipedia

Tehran Subway Map- There are still 4-5 more lines under construction and growing to more than 9 lines.

An amazing website for planning your trip to Iran with a huge amount of awesome and useful hints and tips and tour pakcage offers.

It even talks about the dress code as what to wear and when to visit etc.

Below for example is a cool website regarding a tourist agency in the city of Shiraz and their customer review about Iran.

There are hundreds of testimonials in thier website below

Below is a few of them

Jacek Szczycinski
Location: POLAND
Entrance: 20.09.2007
Cities: Esfahan, Yazd, Shiraz
Length: 15 days
Occupation: student
Education: University

Comments: I thought that Iran is very beautiful country, but I was really surprised. It's more beautiful than I was expected. I think here is more safe than in most countrys in Europe. People in Europe don't know the truth about Iran and Iranian people, who are very kind.

Martin Sedivy
Location: Czech Republic
Entrance: 8 oct 2007
Cities: Tehran, Masouleh, Kashan, Esfahan, Yazd, Kish
Length: 20 days
Occupation: Software ingeneer
Education: Business High School

Comments: Sweet country with sweet people. A must see!

There are lots of pictures on each page so please be patient.
Thanks to everyone for taking these pictures.
Enjoy :cheers:

by Mehdi

by Jeff

by Emaitolevi

By Idiot Frog

by Raminh

by David

by Cubebe

by Hassan

by Kioomars

by Salehyar

Central Tehran

by Terminator

pix by Ninara from Flickr

In Niavaran Park Tehran

Iranians have very diverse looks and this picture of a photographer's gathering in Tehran's Artist House clearly shows that


Very cool videos about Tehran and it's street food

Drive n sing, that's my favorite hobby as well

Bia Kenaram= Come to me

Tour Iran- Tour operators convention in Tehran

Gold and Jewlery in Tehran

National Musuem of Iran- Tehran

Tochal Mountain Trails in Tehran

Football Street Style Contest in Tehran

Tour of Tehran's Traditional restaurants and Dizi- a Popular food in Iran

Tehran Bazzar


Tohid Tunnel

Car Racing in Tehran

Cold beverages in Tehran and their benefits

National Library of Iran in Tehran

Teahouses and Cafes in Tehran

Tehran parks

New awesome shots by Kaveh Seyedhamidian

Tehran at night

To the East




Mt. Damavand, north of the city, the highest point in middle east

Villages in the heart of Alborz mountains near Tehran. Very peaceful and beautiful :)

Tehran seen from the Alborz mountains

Tehran International Tower

Tehran is so beautiful when it snows

This billboard says Merry Christmas to All Persian Christians and Christians in Iran :)

by Machukes

by Mohammad

Dizin Ski Resort

Dizin is a ski resort situated to the north of Tehran in the Alborz mountain range.

The huge Dizin ski resort was established in 1969 . The ski season in Dizin also lasts longer than European ski resorts(from December to May) because of its high altitude.

The highest ski lift reaches 3,600 m (11,800 ft), making it one of the 40 highest ski resorts in the world.

Dizin ski amenities include two hotels, 19 cottages and five restaurants, villas and private apartments around the Dizin ski resort accommodate thousands of people every year.

by Vahid


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Iran looks good. Had it not been for the Iraq war and confrontation with the west , it would have been better than what it is. If Iran could realize its full potential it could have become another developed country of Asia , like Japan.

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alitezar said:
Yes Shugs.
I live in Toronto, where are u at?
Thanks for the forum it's amazing.
Keep in touch :)
I'm in south west England... not many Iranians around this part of the world lol

You really should post in the Iran subforum, we have a lack of active forumers right now, theres about 10 of us... and you know Iranian hospitality... we welcome you with open arms :lol:

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^^ Thats kind of hard when we arent part of the 'Arabic world'... we are not Arab nor do we speak Arabic :sleepy:

Irans ethnic population structure on has 3% Arabs and they are all in the south towards Iraq. Largest ethnicity are Persians. Iranians are 'Proto Indo European' NOT Arab

IF your talking about the Middle East then I think Israel has one up on us... but Iran is probably one of

Prince of Persia
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well done thanks. :) hopefully people will realise that we arent some kind of Islamic naties who believe in a dude in a pit.
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