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Takht-e-Marmar, Golestan Palace

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The photography Gallery - as beautiful as the photographs itself

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The Ivan-e Tatkht-e Marmar - The Marble Throne

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Thank you Redalinho for posting these pix on Tehran :)
Museum Courtyard - Tehran; Iran

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Courtyard Entrance - Tehran; Iran

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Thnk you Ali !
^^Thank you for all your help :)

pix by Ninara from Flickr

In Niavaran Park Tehran


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How many people live in Tehran?
^^ Metro Tehran has a population of plus 14 Million but the city is about 7 Million only :)
^^ Thanks :)

by Nader

by Mohammad

by mark in To

Water Canals (Joob in Persian) that strech all over tehran and direct water from North Mountains through the city to the south

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by A.r.

by Foad

Jamshidiyeh Park

by Davod

by Mahdi

Saad Abad Palace Complex Map

by Majid

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Tehran from North to South- Tehran is endless and twice the size of its North to South direction from East to West

by Safa

View from central tehran to the West- East area of Tehran is as vast as well

by Safa


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1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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