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[Tehran] Sepehr Tower Complex l U/C

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This is definetly U/C i saw it in elahiyeh with my own eyes.
its is huge
i will update it as soon as i am in tehran
Looks very futuristic and honestly a little bit too good to be true for the standards of Tehran. But I hope it is going to be built.
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that's true, It is actually called Sepehr Elahiye Tower which is located next to Modern Elahiye Shopping center.
adrese proje fargh dare engar.

آدرس پروژه: تهران - بزرگراه مدرس - خیابات آفریقای شمالی – روبروی خیابان گلپاد

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Which of the above designs are the actual one?
There are tons of projects on their site. Somehow it seems unrealistic. It is like everything they have designed is on their page but that doesn´t mean they are actual projects.

Its this one.its definetly this render.i was passing the site last week
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^^ who is the design by? looks great, the boxy look fits very well in tehran :cheers:
The correct Name of this tower is Sepehr Tower not Elahiyeh Tower and the above picture has nothing to do with this tower! it's completely another project which is located in shariati! this render is for Laleh Hotel!
please remove this pic!
i will post more info and pictures from Sepehr Tower soon
Please correct the info
Sepehr Tower | 42 fl | U/C

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looks great, looks really nice and very tehrani
the photos are amazing , probably the best aerial shots of elahiyeh, it allows u to see what is what
i hope the green areas around it are kept though
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Wow I am truely impressed by this tower. The location as well as the design is impeccable. A very impressive cluster of towers is taking shape in Elahyie. Looking forward to see this tower arise.
yeki nist in shishehaye in borjaro tamiz kone. :nuts:

kheili bahal mishe in mantaghe, taze fahmidim chi shod
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