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TELUS Centre for Perfromance and Learning

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Since 1886, The Royal Conservatory of Music has been a national leader in music and arts education. To provide an even wider reach for its innovative programs, the Conservatory has launched the Building National Dreams Campaign to build a state-of-the-art performance and learning centre.

Opening in 2006, the TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning will be one of the world's greatest arts and education venues and a wonderful resource for all Canadians. This stunning facility will feature new academic and performance space. Technologically sophisticated, it will be the heart of creative education in Canada.

The Performance and Learning Centre will : Create a complex with a national agenda, global reach, and modern music, education and technological facilities
Provide improved service to young artists - attracting, identifying and showcasing more young performers to the world
Provide a magnificient new multipurpose concert hall and broadcast centre allowing Conservatory and community events to reach global audiences
Allow for increased user demand and create administrative efficiencies
Contribute to the transformation of Canadian society through revitalized education and cultural programming

The new facilities will include: An acoustically superb 1,000-seat Michael and Sonja Koerner Concert Hall
A new-media and broadcast centre
Fully wired practice and teaching studios
Breathtaking lobby facilities for events and concerts
Rehearsal, studio and meeting rooms
A comprehensive music library, a bookstore and retail store, a café and catering kitchen

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That's some nice interior design there.
Too bad that they aren't building the new Varsity Stadium for the Argos beside the RC of Music, then that stretch of Bloor Street will have a totally new look to it with Woodsworth U of T resi's, varsity stadium, this, and the Renaissance ROM.
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