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Temple House | Refurb. | Comp.

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I know this won't be the most busy of forums, but I really love what they've done to this building.

From a pug monster to presentable, excellent!
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Old Picture when they were getting rid of the underpasses on Bull Street

And it dosn't look that different does it?
after they finished this i actually thought it was a new building
Thanks for the pics - I think this is a stunning update of a building, and highlights what a good building it was in the first place :)
they didn't do much at street level.
Absolutely stunning renovation, dare say this is one of the city's prettier midrise buildings. Travelodge take note on how it should be done! They need to sort the other one opposite the road out now.
Ooh, I love seeing pictures of when they were removing "the 'ump" on Bull Street/ Corporation Street! Also great to see the pictures of work on the Priory Queensway!

Great refurb! It looks stunning now! It's a shame that all the shop units at the base are empty really. Wasn't it the Windsor Arcade before?
the 'ump" on Bull Street/ Corporation Street...what was that? im far to young to remember it
You've never wondered why there was a double layer of shops where Vigin was?

That's assuming you can remember where that was of course!

Anyway, there was an pedistrian underpass, with shops and everything, at the junction of Bull and Corporation Streets, as there was further up the road at old Square.

Horrible dank thing, much better now, but I suppose the cars/busses did move faster over them...
yeah i wondered, i just thought it was 60's planning which the underpass was i guess, it must have been like the top of upper bull street before number 1 (i think thats the name) was built
I remember the old camping shop under the humps. Oh the humps were lovely!
There was also a hump at Hurst St & Smallbrook Queensway - that is why the pavement splits levels :)
"My humps, My humps, my lovery little city humps..."

There was a massive hump at Masshouse - but we all knew that one really! :|
I remember the old camping shop under the humps. Oh the humps were lovely!
Ah, twas the YHA shop and fabulous it was, especially with YHA member 10% discount.

Annoyingly it went and we haven't even got a YHA youth hostel for Birmingham.

Building top right...

Metropolis, classic sci-fi, does look a bit like that building, all very art deco modernism.

Aston University's main building is in there somewhere as well. :D
Aah, the original design for the Birmingham Council House... :shifty:

Let's see how many people believe me...
Looking for an excuse to post this picture and found this thread woo, I love the big Market sign, brilliantly retro.

Great pic ILC. That pic of an old Smallbrook Q and the hump must be 60s before the Bull Ring bridge link. See how new and clean everything looked? And a 4 lane highway!!
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