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(not including terminal upgrades)

OK, some suggestions from me:

  1. England <>France (rail)
  2. Jutland <> Copenhagen (rail & road)
  3. Honshu <> Hokkaido (rail)
  4. Honshu <> Kyushu (rail)
  5. Honshu <> Shikoku (rail x 3 & road)
  6. Denmark <> Sweden (road & rail)
  7. Adelaide <> Darwin (rail)
  8. Italy <> Germany (rail, St. Gothard low-level tunnel)

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Honshu <> Kyushu is not so hard work. There are three tunnels and one bridge, but all were bult long ago. Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line (Kanagawa <> Chiba, road, 1997) is more likely, but I guess the world has a lot of greater ones.

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lotrfan55345 said:
That doesn't look frozen? Only in winter?

Yes it's only in winter. In many ways that makes it more astonishing. When the ice starts to melt you have huge chunks of it crashing into the bridge as it flows down the strait.

Modernization said:
It would be dangerous to travel on that bridge in winter times. just look at how slopy it gets and imagine if the surface becomes frozen ice
Conditions are monitored constantly. I think the only thing that really shuts it down is wind. During the winter if ice/snow starts to build up you can just send plow/salter trucks to get rid of it.

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Bertez said:
When you say last quarter century, do you mean from 1981-2006 (25 years) or 1975-2000.....I know, kinda odd question;);)
I think he means "in the last 25 years".
I vote for the Chunnel.

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I think that this is the "top 10" (1975-2006 ;) )

La manche tunel
Chep Lap Kok airport (with the bridge and highways)
The bridge from Denmark to Sweden
Honshu <> Hokkaido (rail)
Honshu <> Kyushu (rail)
Honshu <> Shikoku (road x 3 & rail)
The maglev in Shanghai
Viaduc de Millau
Tokyo Airport (the new one)
The new railway in Tibet
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