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Some suggestions again:

  1. Calabria <> Sicily link
  2. Istanbul <> Scutari or wherever
  3. Kollkutta <> Dacca (road and rail)
  4. Chittagong <> Rangoon <> Bangkok (rail)
  5. Bangkok <> Ho Chi Minh City
  6. Katherine <> Mt Isa.
  7. Katherine <> Geraldtown

    (and in a quarter of a century: :)

  8. Cadiz <> Gibralter <> Rabat
  9. Capetown <> Cairo
  10. Vientianne <> Hanoi


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seattle's alaska way viaduct needs to be sunk underground, and the former roadway can be turned into a great public arcade that unites downtown and the waterfront.

pearl river delta needs one single extreme high-speed rail and motorway corridor that runs from HK to Macau through Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, and Foshan.

china's motorway project in general is huge; the eventual goal is to get divided, limited-access motorways out to every metro region with more than 200K people.

the widening of the panama canal

the construction of a new outer perpherique around paris

the completion of the anillo periferico in mexico DF

new pipelines to bring out shale oil product from alberta, and mackenzie river delta gas from the northwest territories of canada.

overhaul of iraq's oil infrastructure (if the insurgency ever abates, or if the kurds take decisive control of the kirkuk region)

construction of a new deepwater port, rail lines, and oil refinery complex in baja california, mexico (the port facilities at los angeles are reaching capacity limits already)

construction of a north mindanao commerical motorway in the philippines (butuan, cagayan de oro, etc.) along with deepwater ports and cargo facilities

texas transit corridor project, or at least the first leg. maybe even the revival of the texas supercollider project.

revival/rebuilding of the DR congo's rail infrastructure and connections to tanzania/angola/cameroon, with a spur line into the valuable timberlands of the central african republic (hong kong companies are already involved in harvesting these trees).

commercial motorway and railway between douala, cameroon and dakar, senegal via the coast of west africa, via lagos, port harcourt, accra, cotonou, abidjan, monrovia, freetown, conakry, etc.

desalination facilities in saudi arabia with possible commerical pipelines into jordan.

canal across the isthmus of kra, thailand/burma

permanent roadbeds along the tracks of the current ice roads in the northwest territories of canada.

shipping and moorage facilities on the north coast of continential nunavut, canada, as global warming opens up permanent ice-free northern shipping lanes

high-grade motorway and rail lines between rio and sao paulo

expansion of the "golden quadrilateral" of indian motorways into a nationwide network

those are just some possibilities; some much more possible than others.

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I don't think a Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel (what's the distance between these cities - 50-100 km?) will be reality during this quarter of the century.

How would a Bangkok-Ho Chi Minh link be realised? Highway/rail through Cambodia? Who would pay that? :)
It's definately a link that is needed though. Ho Chi Minh will probably start building a metro system by then as well, and Bangkok's mass transit will be much better than today's 2 BTS-lines and metro line.

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Not an aproved project but there is a slight possiblity that there's going to be underwater tunnel & railroad between Busan, Korea and Fukuoka, Japan.

But before that railway crossing North Korea will connect South Korea to the rest of Eurasian continent and Busan will serve as the Eastern end of Trans-Siberian railroad network or Eurasian Railway Network. Then one can travel from Glasgow, Scotland to Busan, Korea by train and maybe to Japan (if the underwater tunnel under proposal actually gets approved.)
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