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Tesla Motors opens new electric charge station in Kaohsiung

The new station has 14 charging docks making it the largest electric charging station in Taiwan

By Duncan DeAeth,Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2018/02/06 16:53

(Taiwan News) – Tesla motors has already established a new electric charging station for public use in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The company has plans to expand the number of charging stations throughout the island in the near future.

Liberty Times reported on Feb. 6 that the charging station has 14 charging docks for Tesla electric car models, including 6 supercharger docks.

The supercharger docks can reportedly provide a charge in only 20 minutes that will last a vehicle 300 to 500 kilometers. The general charging stations take about an hour, and can provide enough electricity for a 70 to 80 kilometer drive.

The Economic Development Department of Kaohsiung has been promoting green energy initiatives like electric vehicles, and hopes that Kaohsiung will become a model “Green City” in Southern Taiwan.

Likewise, Tesla has its own plans to first establish a sales and services foothold in the Taiwanese market in Kaohsiung, and to expand its electric charge station network throughout the city.

Liberty Times reports that there are total of 150 electric charging locations belonging to various companies, with 500 individual car charging docks. The the newest one in Kaohsiung, next to the China Steel Corporation's parking lot, with its 14 charging docks is the largest of them all.

Tesla Motors itself has established 12 stations throughout the country.

Welcome to Kaohsiung
가오슝에 오신 것을 환영합니다
Chào mừng đến Kaohsiung
Bienvenue à Kaohsiung
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