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Teslić | Теслић - Photo Thread

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The City


More to come..
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Oh God, eyes burn... ;) Hehehe, kidding.

It's a nice little town.

What's the main industry there? Is it doing well?
It was a joke between my friend and I, hence the "Hehehe, kidding" that you cut off the end when you quoted me. ;)

It's not really any of your concern. :) I know Yugoboy doesn't hate me, or my people, and I'm sure he knows I do not hate him, or his. Perhaps your problem is more internal than it is related to me? Must be frustrating to be living in BiH for people with your views... ;)

And how did you get un-ignored from my username anyway?

Anyhow, problem fixed. ;)



Here's one I hope you'll love Yugoboy... :)

I actually found it when I made the Teslic thread before I left, but I had problems uploading it to ImageShack and gave up! :D

There don't have any more, Yugoboy. But don't worry, I keep an eye out for you! ;)
Don't bother, Mimica, seriously. :) People like Majevcan want to live in a little Serbian bubble where nothing Bosniak, Croat, or anything else for that matter exists. :)

It doesn't matter what we say - just by BEING here, it is enough to provoke him. Whatever thread we create, whatever we do...he will find something. So why bother? It looks bad on our part to be fighting them back down every time they bait us.

The moderators have obviously wised up to what is happening and it's not our responsibility to change people like Majevcan. If we get involved, then we face the possibility of being reprimanded as well. So just ignore them - it really works!

And RE: Yugoboy's new pics:

Yugoboy, it saddens me to see how run-down things are in the Republika Srpska. In the last few years, you can REALLY see how the Federation is jumping quite far ahead. Of course there are many exceptions - Banja Luka and Doboj being perfect examples, Mostar an opposite example from this side - but it's still, overall, becoming painfully obvious.

I truly pray the RS cooperates with the ICTY and is freed from these sanctions before the nationalists manage to use this suffering to pull even more minds to their fascist way of thinking. Things have calmed down so much in the cities that are doing exceptionally well, Yugoboy...I really believe the two are related.

I had a point when I started, I swear I did - hahaha. I guess I'm just trying to say that I'll cross my fingers for you, and pray that everything works itself soon with your people in mind. :) Promise.
Actually, Yugoboy, I already believe you. I've seen many pictures of Sarajevo, and other cities around the world, that have looked horrible because of the weather.

I agree - I simply cannot wait for Bosnia-Herzegovina to be completely united again. There is a part of me, of course, that wants it just to spite the nationalists on all sides that want to break it apart.

The larger part of my heart, though, just feels united with these places. It hurts me to think that the village where my parents grew up is a "country" founded by the people who killed them. I can't wait for the country to be reunited, Yugoboy...if only because then it will be okay to feel the way I feel about Banja Luka, Prijedor, Doboj, Trebinje, and other cities. I don't want to be disconnected from them. They're a part of my country, a part of my body, my heritage.

It's like the old Orthodox Church in Sarajevo. It has what is, without a doubt, one of the best collections of ancient Byzantine relics, murals, and other artifacts. I'm so proud of that but there are...conflicting feelings...that end up getting in the way.

I would give my life for any one of the Serbs burried in Bosnian Army cemeteries; those Serbs who died at our side, fighting to defend Sarajevo from our common enemy. For any one them I was crawl in the coffin alive if it meant they could crawl out. I just want to be able to feel this way about everyone, you know?

And for the time being, I cannot.
If I were a citizen of Serbia, I would rather forget too, Kommandant. ;)

And you're scared of me? :D Really? Boo!
Teslic must have winter temperatures 30 degrees warming than anywhere else in the surrounding region? :) Really, NO snow in winter? :D I think it might be spring or autumn in most of those pictures.

The Cafe Elite looks nice - are there any other modern buildings in the town?

On a side note...I've noticed this with Teslic, Tuzla, Zenica, and a few other cities - Tito must've been insulted by the streets we named after him. Hahaha. I'm serious. Look up pictures of Marsalatita in Tuzla, it's enough to turn your stomach. :D
LOVE the last post. Reminds me of Gracanica, only more spread out!

And yes, Teslic's Tito Street does beat Tuzla's...quite easily. :) A brown field would beat Tuzla's...LOL
I never bash Tuzla, I love it.

But Marsalatita there REALLY, REALLY, REALLY sucks. :D
It is nice! :) Looks beautiful in the summer time! :D
*Chants* Tesanj, Tesanj, Tesanj!

Hehehe, just teasing, Yugoboy. I actually saw a spot about Teslic on the news a short time ago, and took very careful notice since I now know a Teslican. ;)

It was about how unusual the ethnic relations in Teslic are. It said the diversity in the municipality is among the best in RS with slightly over 87% of the population being Orthodox Serbs - but said that ethnic tension there was the among the strongest in the RS with an "overwhelming majority" of all three peoples in the area - Bosniaks, Croats, and Serbs - reporting that they had "no contact" with people from other ethnic groups and the rest reporting "only when necessary".

They compared this with Doboj (excluding Doboj Jug and Doboj Istok) which has one of the worst ethnic diversity ratings (Almost 95% Orthodox Serb) but among the best relations between ethnic groups in the RS with 100% of Bosniaks and Croats reporting "daily contact" with members of other ethnic groups, and an "overwhelming majority" of Serbs reporting "whenever possible" contact with members of other ethnic groups.

In Doboj they also asked another question, and found that almost all Bosniaks and Croats supported "more returns, and new settlement" of Bosniaks and Croats. More than 75% of Serbs supported "more returns" and almost 35% percent supported "new settlement" of Bosniaks and Croats.

The whole premise was in announcing a decision choosing Teslic as a prime target for some internationally-sponsored program to bring kids together through football, mixed-ethnicity children's teams.
^ Now *that* was a great post, Yugoboy. :) You've finally won we over...
^ Oh you get used to it, Yugoboy. They say the same thing about Sarajevo. There's always a grain of truth but media likes the drama. :)
Checked for you, darling - no luck. Xox
^ I think Teslic is beautiful as well, but only through Yugoboy. ;)

Without him - it's just an ultranationalist commieblock. :D
But, a few thugs, backed by a few people in power, have been enough to suppress the will of the moderate Bosnian Serbs of Teslic, according to expelled Muslims and many Serbs in Teslic itself.

Huskic and others who fled recently said that the 1,700 or so Muslims who managed to hang on in the area during the war rejoiced with local Serbs when the Dayton agreement to end the war was signed last year.

Reminds me of Bosanska Dubica and, on the other side, Bosanska Krupa. Very nice to see that there are some people in RS who feel the same as those who stayed in/moved to the Federation, Yugoboy.

Do you know if the moderate Serbs in Teslic have remained in the city? I know, for example, that from Bijeljina and Zvornik there were almost as many Serb residents who moved to the Federation as Bosniaks and Croats.

There was one story I remember on the news - a Serbian family: Grandparents, parents, like six sons, I think two daughters, all married with children - one of their six sons was married to a Bosniak, and her two children were, of course, mixed. And for those three, the whole family of more than 20 moved to the portion of Doboj in Zenica Canton.

There was also a few stories about six/seven years ago from several villages near Gorazde that wanted to separate from Republika Srpska and have international status like Brcko. The request was denied, on all sides - but the residents of one village dynamited a road leading into it from the RS, and built another heading towards Gorazde. :D
I'm aware; Ljdia's shared a few of her travelling stories with me. I suppose they decided to take their lumps and stand for their principles. I mean, if I had been living in Zenica during the war, I'd have left - I'd have been driven out probably. :D Hahaha...but I wouldn't still be there today, and I certainly wouldn't have been there in the summer of 1996. :D
Sorry to have not commented in so long, Yugoboy! :) Really great job, the new photos are beautiful. :)
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