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Teslić | Теслић - Photo Thread

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The City


More to come..
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But, a few thugs, backed by a few people in power, have been enough to suppress the will of the moderate Bosnian Serbs of Teslic, according to expelled Muslims and many Serbs in Teslic itself.

Huskic and others who fled recently said that the 1,700 or so Muslims who managed to hang on in the area during the war rejoiced with local Serbs when the Dayton agreement to end the war was signed last year.

Reminds me of Bosanska Dubica and, on the other side, Bosanska Krupa. Very nice to see that there are some people in RS who feel the same as those who stayed in/moved to the Federation, Yugoboy.

Do you know if the moderate Serbs in Teslic have remained in the city? I know, for example, that from Bijeljina and Zvornik there were almost as many Serb residents who moved to the Federation as Bosniaks and Croats.

There was one story I remember on the news - a Serbian family: Grandparents, parents, like six sons, I think two daughters, all married with children - one of their six sons was married to a Bosniak, and her two children were, of course, mixed. And for those three, the whole family of more than 20 moved to the portion of Doboj in Zenica Canton.

There was also a few stories about six/seven years ago from several villages near Gorazde that wanted to separate from Republika Srpska and have international status like Brcko. The request was denied, on all sides - but the residents of one village dynamited a road leading into it from the RS, and built another heading towards Gorazde. :D
I like this article because it talks about how there is Moderate serbs in Teslic, and it really was only "thugs" that wanted to destroy the city. Yes there are Many Moderate serbs living in the city. The only ones that are not moderate are the serbs that have come to teslic, from other cities in Bosnia. They don't even know anything about Teslic, or What Teslic was. I think that is the problem. All real People from Teslic, are moderate because it was always a Multi-ethnic city.

-About what you said for Serbs leaving as much as muslims from Bijeljina and Zvornik to Federation

Why would Serbs leave to the Federation?.. I mean not that big of a difference. Try going to Zenica, Tuzla, and other cities.. see how much they will love serbs.
I'm aware; Ljdia's shared a few of her travelling stories with me. I suppose they decided to take their lumps and stand for their principles. I mean, if I had been living in Zenica during the war, I'd have left - I'd have been driven out probably. :D Hahaha...but I wouldn't still be there today, and I certainly wouldn't have been there in the summer of 1996. :D
Beautiful Nature. :)

I simply love all the beautiful nature around Teslic! With all the hills, tiny villages, Large's just the perfect place to relax.. I thought I would share some of it with you.:)

New Teslic Pictures! :D

Here are some new pictures taken of Teslic, on July 10, 2005! They are not the best pictures, and the horrible weather didn't help! I will keep updating with new pictures, and hopfully the weather in Bosnia becomes better! :)

City Bridge.

This would be everyones first impression of Teslic...which is not bad ;)

Teslic's Main Street...TITOVA ULICA!

New cafe, and view of the main street.

The catholic Church of St. Josiph is still being renovated. It was once the symbol of Austrio-Hungarian Teslic.:)

Downtown Teslic! Hahaha karadordeva Ulica, the second Largest in Teslic.

Anouther shot of Karadordeva Ulica, leading up to Banja Vrucica!:)

The New Super Market, and small squere.

Main Cafe Area..on normal summer days, these cafe's are full!

This is just one small part of the Cafe area.:)

Cafe in Teslic.

There are hundreds! Haha

Some Commieblocks...waiting to be painted!

An average apartment block in town.:)

More apartments

there are basically whole blocks...just filled up with 4-6 story apartment blocks.

New sports centre being constructed next to the Proleter Soccer Stadium.

The river Usora.

It looks like crap in these pictures, but usually has a beautiful Blue-green Colour.:)

This bridge was recently built, I personally don't like it much. :(

Before the war, this used to be the city beach! this intire area was very well preserved, it had a great cafe near was just a great place for both young and old to relax and have fun!

Much more to Come in a couple days! Hopefully better pictures! ;)
Finally found some new pictures of Teslic.:)

Road leading up to Teslic.

Behind these large tree's, in the distance is Teslic.

Nice new building, but notice the Cross in the top left hand corner? :D

The Usora River.

City Park.

The horrible looking, municipality building.

Downtown. lol

New Serbian Orthodox Church at night.
More...Although no one seems to be interested in these pictures, I don't know why..but I still like posting them! :D;)

Sorry to have not commented in so long, Yugoboy! :) Really great job, the new photos are beautiful. :)

Thanks Sarajka. Now I feel better about posting those pictures. ;)

Expect much more!
Banja Vrucica from the Air!

not the best picture, but one of the only I could find from the air. :)
Wow, so its where the medieval Usora dukedom was then :).
Teslić is a relatively new town, but with a nice nature around, I was skiing on Borja once...
Teslic is nice but it still needs some more work....It's very green that's what I like.
Definitely needs work. As Beca said though, it is a new town, founded in the 19th century.
Here are some newer pictures of Teslic

View from the hills

"Nova Robna Kuca"

Austrio-Hungarian houses

Marshall Tito Street

St. Josip Church

St. Sava Church

Town Mosque

Marshal Tito Street

"Elite Cafe"

Marshall Tito Street

And again..

Karadjordjeva Street

All pictures were taken by me.
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Super :cheers:

Ja sam nekad davno bio u Teslicu u hotelu "Kardial". I mislim da si postavio sliku tog hotela sad se zove banja "Vrucica" al opet nisam 100% siguran jer sam stvarno davno bio :)

U svakom slucaju Teslic izgleda lijepo :)

Having seen all these pictures of Teslic and knowing that most of them had been shot by me, why do I think that yugoboy is the one with the yellow bike by the Radnja church ;)
Or should I say: Поставићу ти три тешка питања...
Mogao bi se ovde napraviti aquapark, kao i u Fojnici!

not the best picture, but one of the only I could find from the air. :)
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