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LPJ To Make Tg Belungkor Terminal Tourist Arrival Hub
May 12, 2007 19:12 PM
By Mohd Haikal Isa

JOHOR BAHARU, May 12 (Bernama) -- Johor Port Authority (LPJ) plans to turn Tanjung Belungkur ferry terminal into a main entry hub for Indonesian and Singaporean tourists to Malaysia.

Its chairman Abdul Halim Sulaiman said senior officials from both authorities, namely LPJ and Pulau Batam, Indonesia had held talks on the matter.

He said Tanjung Belungkur ferry terminal has a huge potential due to its strategic location near to Desaru resorts, seafood-havens in Pengerang and Sungai Rengit as well as several scenic islands near Mersing.

"These factors have been the main attraction for tourists to use the ferry terminal in Tanjung Belungkor," he told Bernama.

Abdul Halim said several boat operators have been asked to present their boat passenger services proposals from Stulang Laut ferry terminal, Johor Baharu to Tanjung Belungkur and other islands in Mersing.

He said currently Singaporeans have to endure traffic congestion in Johor Causeway to get to the tourist attractions at the east coast of Johor.

"The journey from Singapore to Mersing, Pengerang dan Sungai Rengit takes about three hours by road," he said.

Abdul Halim is confident the islands in Mersing would be receive more tourists with the boat services provided via Tanjung Belungkor ferry terminal.

"However, to make the plan a success, LPJ said needs the cooperation from the government agencies and firms involved in tourism," he said.


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hi people.....i wuz following this thread on IDR...i would like show some responce on Vince's statement....i usually focus on Penang....lately i've been impressed by IDR as well...but i was not sure bout the true picture cos i've never seen the real scene since Vince knows well bout the real picture..wanted to ask Vince bout my the whole IDR is anywhere close to reality or it's only under the planning stage...whats the progress of the IDR on the it going in a good pace...has is kick-started well....or is it still sluggish and is it still waiting for adequate funds and investments.....and what bout the construction status...are there like lots of projects actively moving...are there like lots of construction work in progress...i'm talking bout all the five zones...and in a way i agree to your statement saying that it's a hype....maybe not the whole thing but partially....sorry for asking many questions....i hope u can clear my doubts...thanks Vince...
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