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TGWU building

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This article is from last year but it appears from driving past the site that work has started on this building recently after being enveloped in capital of culture banners for quite some time now.

"Unite gives Transport House new lease of life
Transport House, the former Transport and General Workers’ Union (TGWU) building on Commutation Row in Liverpool city centre is to be given a major refurbishment by its new owner Unite the Union.

The move comes after negotiations to sell the freehold on the building were completed by the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA), city centre regeneration company Liverpool Vision and Unite.

Planning consent has been granted to refurbish the entire building creating a 30,000 sq ft District HQ for Unite including a complete re-cladding of the exterior with a sandstone render that will be in-keeping with the appearance of other buildings in the area and provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Transport House has been vacant since the year 2000 and occupies a key gateway location on the main road approach to the city centre from the M62.

Martin Lloyd, Head of Property at the NWDA, said: “This building sits in a key location in Liverpool and its revival will help to continue the transformation of the city centre. The NWDA is pleased to have been able to play a role in bringing it back into productive use.”

Mike Ryder, Property Executive for Purple Apple, Property Managers for the Union, said: “We are delighted we have been able to reacquire this iconic property and are looking forward to breathing fresh life back into it. The building will have a significant impact on the area and promote the profile of Unite the Union, the largest Union in Great Britain. When refurbishment is completed the building will be renamed as Jack Jones House.”

Chief Executive of Liverpool Vision Jim Gill said: “This is a key building that welcomes thousands of visitors entering the city centre every day.

“It has been vacant for far too long and it is important for the city centre that it is being brought back into use.”

The refurbishment is expected to commence in April this year and take around nine months to complete. It is anticipated that the building will be fully operational early in 2009.

Unite the Union was established in 2007 following a merger between TGWU and Amicus. The Union is currently jointly led by Wirral born Tony Woodley and Derek Simpson.


Notes to Editors

The full name for the merged union is Unite the union but is commonly abbreviated to Unite.

Jack Jones was the former leader of the TGWU and was born in Garston in 1913. See link for details.

For further information please contact:

Steve Sanders at SKV PR. Tel 0161 838 7770 / 07971 079 314

Sarah Moston at NWDA. Tel 01925 400 552
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Does anyone have any renders for this redevelopment?
This is the building near William Brown street/ London road isnt it, if so, work seems to be coming along nicely.


They emptied the building in order to redevelop the site, as it was 'unsuitable'.. now they are celebrating a reclad!
It was never going to be anything other than a small scale redevelopemnt, so good news that it's starting, although I did think it was gonig to get an extra floor for some reason.
Yeah, I've read of nothing other than a refurb planned for this building. Funny that it's been let back to the same union that previously occupied it though.
I've always thought that there was nothing wrong with the original. It is far superior to the 'exemplar' Commutation row next door.

The original colour was chosen to be 'in keeping' when it was designed. I met the architect once and the tale he had to tell of interference was awful.
There's definately something going on here! New steel work visible in the top corner. Has anyone got a link to any of the renders for this rennovation project? I seem to have a vague memory of them, but don't know if the plans have changed since then.

Either way this is good news because the building (in its present state) has been an eyesore on a major thoroughfare for far too long now.

Good to see something happening..... again!

Regarding the closure of the TGWU building and its location I remember that an idea was proposed to create a new theatre on the site - which I would have thought was too small but maybe they had an idea of creating a theatre district in support of the Empire. As a teenager I was just glad that they built the TGWU building if for no other reason that it closed down the open view from Lime Street / Commutation row, which made `town` a little more complete. Same applied to the Cown courts at Derby Square, the city centre began to look just a little less isolated from the rest of the city following the massive destruction of the `inner city` for the roads in the sky and our aborted ring road.....and disputed merits.
Some interesting construction going on there Tom. Thanks for posting those pics.
erm, rethink that one...
Is this demolition taking place?

Are we demolishing this to replace it with nothing?
I've just noticed the top of the thread. Glad to see this getting refurbished.
Thank you so much for the post. It's really useful.

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update.. (cant really see much!)

Sounds good. I've not been in it but I've always like the look of the roof garden in New Hall Place. Luscious-lookin lawn.
Nice to see progress being made though any updates on the Vermont Tower? that seems to have gone dead (sighs) nice build too.
Nice to see progress being made though any updates on the Vermont Tower? that seems to have gone dead (sighs) nice build too.
It is not dead
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