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Thane | Metrolite (LRT) | Proposed

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Thane metropolitan city in India. Thane city one of the seven talukas of Thane district; . With a population of 1,841,488 distributed over a land area of about 147 square kilometres.... Thane Municipal Corporation is now planning for Thane City Internal Metro and Personal Rapid Transport System (PRTS)......

Stations :- Thane Internal Metro Projects planned stations at Railway Station-Modella Chowk-Wagle Main Road-Road No.22-Lokmanya Nagar-TMT Depot-Devdayanagar-Shastrinagar-Upvan Lake-Pokharan Road No.2-Gandhi nagar Jalkumbh-Dr.Kashinath Ghanekar NatyaGriha......

The Final proposal will be placed for approval before 14th March 2018... Work will be started in March 2019

Thane Internal Metro route map approved............

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Whats PRTS ???
In Thane Municipal Corporation's year 2018-19 Budget, the provisions have made for the Internal Metro Project (MCMTR) and PRTS Project..... Internal Metro Project route is 28 Kms. having 22 stations..... PTRS project route is 25 Kms..

Maharashtra Times
Hi can you summarize it in English what it is written

I request people who post link of news items which are in languages other then English to summarize it in English so that other members too can understand
was any reason provided ?????

SS didnt made any issue about it ..thats strange
It seems Thane internal metro project has scrapped. According to this article ,
IT takes 2 hand clap.... One one hand you will go scrap/delay ex government project and other hand expect opposite party which is ruling center to be benevolent to you /your projects ???
I completely agree with you.
Thane internal metro DPR projected ridership was high and peak hour ridership was also high , population is increasing every year in thane city but current infrastructure is not sufficient to meet the needs .
Really very sad that center didn't approved it. I too think that it's due to the political issues.
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Whats difference between LRT n Metro technically ???

How does LRT fares with Metro ??? besides if they going to construct it elevated then why not have full fledge metro instead of this LRT/Light metro

Hope future increase in number of people/passengers travelling/using metro/LRT are kept in mind before taking any decision

Besides i think its wrong to deny metro for thane internal travel

even mumbai metro are for internal travel within mumbai city only

lots of other not-so-important city where other then metro like LRT should had been used where awarded metro so why not thane its injustice

beside why is state is asking permission from center for construction.i though new metro act allowed state to carry out metro construction
Center says option of running metro for solving internal transport issue is not feasible. And not only Thane but no other city will get metro for internal transport issue.

Instead of metro , centre says to think about LRT for internal transport. According to that TMC has instructed 'Mahamatro' to prepare a revised LRT report on this route.
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My 2 cents constructing LRT on ground/at grade will block normal traffic since LRT lane has to secured or most of time lrt lane would be occupied by bus/auto rickshaw..

And if they plane to construct elevated then go for full fledged metro why go go for LRT in first place

last if it has to be on ground then why not local railways why fancy LRT ????
why are they going underground for LRT..Go for elevated...
one question can this light metro upgarded to metro in future ????

I mean have make physical infra such that in future only mtero car need to be upgarded/replaced
Thane politicians would never allow it ... Lots of interests are involved
SS is ruling both state and tmc if they wanted they would had prepared a proper project report
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