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Thane | Metrolite (LRT) | Proposed

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Thane metropolitan city in India. Thane city one of the seven talukas of Thane district; . With a population of 1,841,488 distributed over a land area of about 147 square kilometres.... Thane Municipal Corporation is now planning for Thane City Internal Metro and Personal Rapid Transport System (PRTS)......

Stations :- Thane Internal Metro Projects planned stations at Railway Station-Modella Chowk-Wagle Main Road-Road No.22-Lokmanya Nagar-TMT Depot-Devdayanagar-Shastrinagar-Upvan Lake-Pokharan Road No.2-Gandhi nagar Jalkumbh-Dr.Kashinath Ghanekar NatyaGriha......

The Final proposal will be placed for approval before 14th March 2018... Work will be started in March 2019

Thane Internal Metro route map approved............

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So kasarwadawali will be interchage station between line 4 and Thane metro?
looking at the route plan of internal metro, I assume that it will have interchange with line 4 at two locations - one at mulund check naka and the other at kasarwadavli
underground??? Which section of the route needs to go underground? strange?:hmm:
I would request TMC to keep it simple, having underground section and all will escalate the cost, will have difficulties to get it approved.

Times of India
The internal metro will only intersect with Metro 4 at two or 3\three places. It will go through the areas which are not covered by Metro 4 and will also act as a connector for thane station, metro 4 and other important areas and roadways.
The allignment will not pass through ghodbunder road but will only intersect it.

^^ any news on interchange with Metro 4... also curious about it's route from Ghodbunder to Old thane, Thane station area... if route will also on GB Road, then GB Road have Metro 4, Flyovers and Internal Metro... don't you think GB Road will get congested?
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Thane Station area is already congested and always loaded with heavy traffic, commuters, hawkers.......... no space left to construct elevated line,therefore they have planned to construct the 3 Km stretch underground from Chendani Koliwada to Teen Haat Naka....
true..the old thane station area is too congested to accomodate an elevatedmetro line....underground is the need of the hour :cheers:
great, i thought it will be like konkan railway, though it's not ring route, but train has to wait for passing another.....
I too think so, that they will have single track but two way trains....they can easily cross over at the stations...the basic idea of the ring route is to cut cost of double line network.
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* At 3 spots, it runs parallel to Metro 4, in Dongripada, it runs lower to Metro 4 line......


Small correction: The article states, it will cross metro 4 at 3 spots, not running parallel anywhere.
Who will be the implementing agency for this? I thought MahaMetro but Fadnavis has made it clear that MahaMetro will only handle projects outside the MMR.
I think once approved by the state gov. the project will be implemented by MMRDA.
Thane plans 29-km internal Metro line, 22 stations to connect the city

Courtesy: hindustan times, 24 Jan 2019, Mumbai, Megha Pol, [email protected]
^^why the station between thane railway station and railadevi talao is called New Thane? In fact, that area is Teen Haat Naka- Checknaka..... IMO New Thane is located just opposite direction in the map......
No, the map is correct. It passes through "New Thane" suburban station which is a new upcoming suburban station between mulund and thane station. It will be built on the land parcel adjacent to thane mental hospital. This is the section where the internal metro is underground. You can see that the underground part is indicated in "black" colored line which as per the map goes underground from chendani naka (near thana college) and resurfaces near aplab circle (gopalashram ;) )

And, the internal metro doesn't take the teen haath naka route. It passess through new thane station and then turns and crosses Line 4 and LBS marg at Aplab Circle opp. check naka and goes to wagle estate.
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B2C - why are you creating duplicate post in the same thread?
I have posted this image in post 77 and you used the same image again here.:grumpy: you generally say that you don't see images on your screen, hence you post duplicates accidently, however, here you not only saw it, you copied it and re-posted it:bash: Why?:eek:hno:

^^ Shanth Gadadhari Bhim Shanth

I am still not able to see your post on 77

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I have copied the link directly from twitter as I believe maintains the copyright rights of the publishers .

As you now understand that I have not copied and reposted your post , I have only posted it from the original source .
ok, I thought otherwise. Sorry:)
Is Thane ring metro DPR available in public domain?
Unfortunately no, I tried hard to search it online but didn't find anything:eek:hno:

Courtesy: hindustan times, 24 Jan 2019, Mumbai, Megha Pol, [email protected]
@Jedviper: Can you please edit your Post # 1 and insert the above^^ Internal metro map into it?
^^ if you find bigger map, it.........
Thanks Jed for your quick action. Let me check if I can get you a bigger picture :)
It seems Thane internal metro project has scrapped. According to this article ,
yes, center hasn't approved internal metro. They have suggested light metro for this route. Hence, TMC will be preparing a new DPR for light metro and then it will again go through all approval cycle. In short - start from scratch.
Thane internal metro is the first victim of political change in the state vs center.
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