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the architecture thread!

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let us collect here some good photos of interesting examples of architecture that have caught your eye in your home town / city / country, or on a foreign trip.

in my fantasy it would be something similar to the "urban photo thread"... :nuts:

some rules:

1. post your own photos.
2. do not post photos of more than 2 buildings at once. many photos of one building is allowed.
3. try posting good photos - i mean, if the photo's crap, don't post it :D (not that the photos must be masterpieces!)
4. if possible, add the architect's name, year built, and approximate location of the building. if you know something more - please do let us know as well.
5. if possible, post photos of buildings that we normally wouldn't see in our threads :)

p.s. - the buildings don't have to be super good-looking, awful architecture is welcome as well :D

hope it's ok, and i hope it works! (;
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nissan center

location: tallinn, on the verge of lasnamäe commie-block suburb
architects: andres siim & hanno kreis
year built: 1994

this was the first building in estonia "like they do it in the west". before that, 50 years of commie architecture had reigned.

kivisilla 4

location: tallinn, city center, next to the union bank highrise
architect: boris chernov
year built: i guess the second part of 1930's

i just find this building kind of weird :D

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Tycho Brahe IMAX Cinema in Copenhagen
( the world's largest digital dome IMAX cinema )

Opened in 1989 -38m tall - 30 degree declining roof - 1KM2 screen
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I just learned that Spiderman 3 will be made available in the IMAX format. Would love to see it in the Planetarium, but they seem to stick to (boring) science documentaries despite their location in the heart of the city's cinema district. What a wasted potential!

By the way Mr D I hate to disappoint you but it would appear that newer and larger IMAX Dome screens have appeared in the roughly 20 years since the advent of the Copenhagen Planetarium. Apparently, the IMAX Dome in Wadala, Mumbai, India features a screen of 1.180 sqm as opposed to the Planetarium's 1.000 sqm (and not 1 km^2, which would be 1 000 000 sqm) :tongue4:

Picture by "Jones Photography" on flickr:

This excerpt of a film festival report seems worthy of quoting to give the pictures above a little context:
Barbara Lorey said:
The high tec, air conditioned Adlab multiplex in Wadala with the world's largest Imax dome sits like a spaceship in the middle of no man's land — a huge development zone on the outskirts of Bombay, bordered by one of the city's worst has indescribable slums with regular outbreaks of malaria, leprosis, diarrhoea, dengue, and hepatitis, a glittering, toxic-looking lake and a skyline of chemical industry complexes and chimneys. In this environment, the small well kept park next to the cinema with its green lawn resisting the overwhelming heat, looks like a miracle. One has to be really motivated to see the films to come out here, especially during rush hour, when everyone is stuck for hours in traffic jams. However, the screenings were packed, and, as Sudhir noted at the end of the festival, over 1000 delegates and guests made it to Wadala, at least the same number of people than in 2005.
A review of the venue by a local resident of Mumbai is also available.
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1 sqkm :D hehe ;) Thats a sight for sore eyes!
Oops my bad - but it should still be the world's largests DIGITAL 3D IMAX Dome cinema ( they resently got a new and groundbreaking digital 3D projector )... and yeah it's a damn shame they stick to the nature and science films..

In the old days I went all the time - but now with some 4 different Discovery channels and two National Geographics and DR2 I really don't feel like paying 80 DKK to see a 30min film about Jellyfish or Antilopes...

I saw an awesome 3D IMAX film about New York in Osaka - I'd love to have simular programs here..
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