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Other threads in Champagne-Ardennes :

My trip :

Vouziers :

Villy, destroyed by the Germans in 1940 :

Margut, the last French village before Belgium :

We reach Belgium (Province de Luxembourg) with the Abbey of Orval : suddenly the weather becomes rainy.

France is in the forest, Belgium in the plain :

Florenville :

That's irredent France !

The Semois valley :

Full scale

Bouillon :

Deep Ardennes with Corbion and Rochehaut :

Ze Germans are coming.

Somewhere in Province de Namur : the joys of Wallonia.

Chairière :

Froidfontaine and Beauraing :

Then came France and the sun suddenly shone : manifest destiny. Givet and the Meuse river.

Vireux-Wallerand :

Fumay :

Going South alongside the Meuse :

With Renwez end the Ardennes : it's time to visit Charleville that deserves more than just being an overrated poet's birthplace.

The Place Ducale :

Full Scale

Towards Mezières :

Time to come back to Champagne with the highway. Nouvion-sur-Meuse :

Novy-Chevrières :

The last town in Ardennes : Aussonce as seen from the highway

Then comes the austere département of Marne : Lavannes.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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