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The Bad Publicity Your Country Has Been Receiving

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The Bad Publicity Your Country Has Been Receiving
- It may not be true, as it usually is the case, but what bad publicity has your country been receiving recently or to date? Examples include being protrayed as a haven for prostitutes, having racist policies or having a government which oppresses its people.
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I'm embarassed constantly by our US administration. My apologies, world.

Yes, Saddam was bad. But Bush is still a war criminal and murderer.
I'd like to see him apologize for warmongering, environmental attacks, etc. But that'll never happen. So until then, every time I go on vacation I have to specify to people that I hate the guy as much as they do. Or more, because he makes all the rest of us in the US look like idiots by association.

We're talking about opinions from outside our countries here. Bush is more hated than liked worldwide. In this country, too many people (and media) give him a free pass.

See, world? We have to put up with people like SDfan. And so do you if you're in a country we want to attack.
SDfan said:
^and I'd like to apologize for this person right above me.

I don't like Bush, but Im not going to apologize for him, we voted for him (as a majority) so he can apologize, not us.
Obviously I'm not trying to convince the pottebaum types. I just want the rest of the world to remember that not all Americans support the administration.

Which has the side benefit of putting me more in line with the people I meet elsewhere!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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