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mhays said:
Obviously I'm not trying to convince the pottebaum types. I just want the rest of the world to remember that not all Americans support the administration.

Which has the side benefit of putting me more in line with the people I meet elsewhere!
My God... I never said I like Bush, did I?
I swear, 1/4 the kids in today's highschools are like you; so eager to point out that you don't support the status quo when they really have no frigin clue what's going on, just to show they aren't mainstreem.
You'd be wasted in any intelligent debate concering politics, mhays. Whether Bush is good or pure evil, you wouldn't be able to support your claims.

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willo said:
that's true, but maybe the emigration of portuguese people have began again due to the economical crisis in portugal

you know what that's crap also, because the main difference between now and the 60s/70s is that by then people really didn't have much of a choice, really. THings were bad but no one really had the power to change them since we lived in a dictatorial regime. Nowadays, people do want a change and are trying to make something better out of this country. So no one really flees Portugal, like they did in the 70s.
80% of Portugal's migrants last year declared temselves as temporary partants. Portugal's immigrant population doesn't seem to decrease either, actually. There is a slight ecomonical crisis that we will overcome in the near future. SO all that is pure bollocks
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