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The beautiful city of Aarhus, Denmark (Big thread)

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Well this is where I am birthcity to be exact. Anyways a couple of months ago I drove over and visited it...I realized Aarhus is such a wonderful city, I'm not sure why I had left it in the first place!

Here is a hodepodge of it all. Sorry I am not organized...

My old house!

Hope you enjoyed :D
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aarhus looks like a really neat city, big yet small and modest

do you have ny photos from "den gamle by"?
It's not very often that we get to see photos from Århus .. so thanks a lot for sharing them :D
Århus is a very nice city with a nice skyline. It has quite provincial feel to it though...

Peter K
Nice pics... the shopping area is indeed a very nice place!
Thanks for the pictures..

You actually captured a colleague of me, in one of the pictures..

Aarhus is for sure a nice city. I was wondering where your old house were located! My guess: Egå/risskov..
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