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The photos were taken in April 2008.

We begin near the summit of the Col du Pourtalet (Défilé de Tourmont):

Cirque d'Anéou :

Pic du Midi d'Ossau :

The summit : we'll soon leave France.

France seen from Spain :

The former frontier post :

Spain and its infamous ventas :

Spain in front of us (Glera del Binzanar) :

Venta architecture :

Coming back to France :

Goodbye Spain !

The Araille Cabin :

Going down the Ossau valley :

Fabrèges :

Hydroelectric dam :

Gabas :

Les Eaux-Chaudes, a dead spa-town :

The valley is now less narrow and its glacial origins are now clear :

Laruns, the main-town :

Louvie-Juzon :

The Pic du Midi d'Ossau from a more familiar point of view :

Sévignacq :

Rébénacq :


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je l'aime!!!

one of my favorite threads to date. i love the contrasts and similarities between both countries at the border. Looks cold for April!
you would have to see the pyrinees right now. April and May have been very snowy.

two photos of Aneto massif and nearby areas by mid-june (13th and 14th)

taken from (Alexjb) and (Dandomiedo)

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