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The bounteous flora of Cincinnati

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The bounteous flora of Cincinnati
Authored by Sherman Cahal on June 16, 2009 at American Byways

Cincinnati and Hamilton County boast many diverse parks and natural features that not many other locales in the United States can claim. From the second oldest zoo in the United States to grand overlooks of the Ohio River and deep forested hillsides and ravines, the diversity that is exemplified is quite elaborate. Click on the respective links in the headers for even more photographs and information and be sure to click through onto the American Byways blog for more photographs and text!

The first update hails from the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden located in Avondale neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. It is the second oldest zoo in the United States and features over 20 exhibits covering birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates and hosts over 780 different species of wildlife. The zoo also hosts numerous musical events at the pavilion and is host to thousands of tulips during the annual Tunes and Blooms festival.





(See the link above for the remainder.)

Cincinnati, Ohio Parks
The region also boasts an impressive and large park system, offering 25 parks within the city, while Hamilton County offers 17 recreational areas. The City of Cincinnati offers a variety of park systems, including a 1,400-acre forest, a Conservatory, nature centers, arboreteums and dog parks. In addition, the public art collection is the largest in the Midwest. The park system has been rated by the Trust for Public Land as "excellent," and USA Today ranked the network of reserves as one of the three best managed in the United States.

7 Alms Park


9 Eden Park

10 Twin Lakes Bridge was constructed in 1903 by the Granitoild Company, and rebuilt in 1993 by Langeheim & Thomson Company.


12 Krohn Conservatory




(See the link above for the remainder.)​

You can view more of these photographs and background of the park system at Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden and at Cincinnati, Ohio parks. Enjoy this photographic journey of the more natural side of Cincinnati!
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Well Cincy is borderline Southern (don't tell them that though), so we can't complain too much about having a Cincy thread here, LOL.
Cincy isn't that borderline Southern. The borderline is with cities like OKC and Louisville, Cincy is easily on the Midwest side of that fence. Just not very deep in the Midwest.

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Oh whoops, I meant to post this in the Midwest gallery!
Cincy is more southern than OKC, but I wouldnt consider either southern. Historically it has many more ties to the south than Oklahoma. Arkansas is the border state to the west and OKC is a few hours from the border. Kentucky is the border state to the north and Cincy is directly across the river (and only a few hours from Tennessee).
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I'll speak on behalf of OKC: OKC is very proud to announce that we have zero ties whatsoever to Cashville.
<-------Doesnt give a shit if Cincy is southern or not, pointless debate in my opinion. Nice pics though. =-)
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