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The Sutton Place Hotel Toronto, a landmark since 1967, will be closing it’s
doors on June 15, 2012.

From the City of Toronto Staff Report:

"The Sutton Place Hotel is located at 951-971 Bay Street and 36 Wellesley Street West. The applicant proposes renovations and additions to the Sutton Place Hotel building to create a mixed-use building with a total of 772 residential units and ancillary retail uses at grade. The proposed additions to the building include a 9-storey addition is to the top of the existing tower, increasing the height of the tower from 32 storeys to 41 storeys, and additions to the base of the building to create an 8-storey podium. The proposal includes 43 residential rental units to count towards replacement of the 40 existing rental units that would be converted to condominium or demolished as a result of the proposed renovations. The applicant has also submitted a Rental Housing Demolitionand Conversion application...."

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I have mixed feelings about this. It's either going to be stunning or a hot mess.
Rather looks like they are not going to touch the exterior at all.... I wouldn't be too interested in buying into this one, to be frank. It's been a long time since Sutton Place was even approaching swank, so it doesn't really carry much cachet anymore.
Sutton Place is one of the more interesting buildings on Bay so I'd hate to see it bastardized. I'd rather see it stay a hotel, and the pavement upgraded out front.
I like the red neon sign at the top. The building may not be classically pretty, but there's something kinda cool about it.

Or maybe I'm just being nostalgic...
I think it has a 70s coolness to it in the same way that the old O'Keefe Centre does. I can't remember what that theatre is called these days. It's elegant in the same way that a 70s Cadillac is.
Well, that is true. We should keep good examples of '70's architecture as it is all part of the fabric.
I just don't personally find it very interesting, though, but the location is great. Not far to go to Woodys for
a drink on a Sunday! :yes:
Any George Costanza quote brings a big smile to my face! :lol:
Wasn't Sutton Place built in the 60s?
Not a clue; but I do remember when it was posh. Had a GREAT Sunday brunch at one time.
From the Sutton Place Hotel web site -
"The Sutton Place Hotel Toronto, a landmark since 1967"
- Toronto Star article:
Sutton Place Hotel Tenants Fight Against Leaving Their Homes

By Susan Pigg
Business Reporter
Tue May 29 2012

Lanterra Developments plans to close its deal to buy the Sutton Place Hotel June 18 and convert it to condos, but has vowed to create a “rental wing” for some 20 tenants — one of them 102-years-old — who have called the hotel home for decades. “We are planning to respect their rights and we intend to respect their tenure,” said Lanterra president and CEO Barry Fenton. “We appreciate that some of the tenants are nervous about that, but we intend to comply with our obligations.”

The tenants have been trying to stop the deal since it was first announced in February but will find themselves in a virtual no man’s land as of June 15 when the hotel officially closes and staff are laid off. The tenants are refusing to move, despite the fact the hotel restaurant and other services will be shut down and they will be largely alone in the empty shell of Toronto’s former palace to Hollywood stars. “We are taking a lot of pains to ensure their security and their tenure after the hotel closes its operations,” said Fenton, refusing to elaborate. “We’re not responsible for the fact that the hotel had to close. I think the tenants need to appreciate that the hotel was no longer a viable option.”

While plans are a long way from being finalized — and still face considerable opposition from the tenants, one a savvy former Cadillac-Fairview developer — Lanterra plans to add about nine floors to the 33-storey hotel, convert its 375 hotel rooms into up to 600 condo units and add restaurants and retail space to the base of the landmark at Bay and Wellesley Sts. But first Lanterra has to meet conditions of both a Toronto bylaw that prevents the conversion of rentals to condos and the Landlord and Tenant Act...

Read more:
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Fascinating! I had no idea the building has rental in addition to hotel space.
Theres a bylaw that says that all new construction must replace existing rental units.
Fascinating! I had no idea the building has rental in addition to hotel space.
Several under performing hotels have opted to convert floors to rentals. This started before the luxury hotel boom as well. Makes you wonder.
I'm all for converting the building to condos if the hotel operation isn't viable. Obviously doing so would require immense interior work. But I'd really rather they leave the exterior alone. Not everyone loves the prevailing style of our era (or the sheer volume being built with very similar styling), but we've always had the comfort that despite the immensity of the boom, it is only one era and there's lots of stuff from previous eras to moderate it. But when we see prominent buildings from past times being altered to appear as just another contemporary clone, it may be time for worry.
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Interesting read about the history of the Sutton Place Hotel including this newspaper headline: BOMB IN BED MAIMS PROMOTER
Something new for you and me

from insertnamehere

Sutton Place Hotel - Condo Renovation
Seems ok. I wouldn't complain if this was a standalone proposal, but I still don't want to lose the current building.
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Oh dear. I guess that piece of 70s architecture is going to bite the dust.
I hate it. we are destroying our heritage of 1970's buildings like the people of the 1970's destroyed our Victorian heritage... horrible!

plus the replacement looks even worse than whats there currently!
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