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The Budget Shortfall

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Metro's upcoming huge defecit had me thinking about how a Metro system can make money, so I asked in an internation forum in this thread. The main idea that I heard is that the operators of the system need to buy land around the stations.

Some may not like the idea, but it has been done in America before. While my grandparents lived in Silver Lake, they made payments to Caltrans while they rented the house that they lived in. Could something like this be possible. Maybe Metro could buy surrounding land and then rent it out to developers. Imagine how much money could be made.

The only problem is: where can this be done? An area in LA county that has some free space is near the 57 & 60 interchange, but the only way to get there is to tunnel under Valley Blvd. At least that's all I can think of.

So, would a program like this be possible in LA County where we are almost out of space? To me, not only does it seem possible, but also necessary.
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Well If money is the issue, they should start by selling the Ptausauros Tower to cover more trains and buses for Angelinos...
^^What do you mean?
i believe he is talking about metros brand new sparkling downtown highrise
^^ I knew that I can always count on you...:righton:
I thought Metro already owned land around its stations i.e. the Joint Development Projects that will have mixed use living and will be jointly owned by Metro and the developer.
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