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Dubai Holding establishes new corporate entity, Sama Dubai

Apr 10, 2006 - 04:19 -

Dubai, April 10, 2006 (WAM) -- Dubai Holding, the region's leading development group, has created a new corporate entity to consolidate its real estate investment activities, called Sama Dubai.

Sama Dubai's mission will be to leverage synergies across international real estate activities, to create a portfolio of world-class interlinked real estate businesses.

Sama Dubai will assume immediate control of Dubai International Properties (DIP) as the first element of the company's portfolio. The new company will manage local, regional and global real estate investments. This will be done either directly or indirectly and will include the formation of joint ventures to maximise returns through efficiencies across operations and financing.

"The creation of Sama Dubai will allow Dubai Holding to leverage key expertise and experience from the real estate sector and apply it to the many investment opportunities we have identified internationally," said the Executive Chairman of Dubai Holding, Mohammad Al Gergawi.

"We have decided to launch Sama Dubai with a wider mandate than that of Dubai International Properties, to capture the growth of the real estate sector locally and internationally. In addition to launching new projects in select markets, Sama Dubai will also invest in various project and opportunities in many of the real estate-related sectors.

"I believe that Sama Dubai will create significant value for Dubai Holding as we continue to diversify and develop our activities both at home and abroad," added Al Gergawi.

Farhan Faraidooni, CEO of Sama Dubai, said "Today marks a significant step forward in the real estate sector not only of Dubai but also internationally.

We have been planning Sama Dubai for the last year. The research that we undertook clearly showed the company will be able to establish itself very quickly in a dominant position in global real estate investment through strategic and focused investment activities - many of which have already been identified." "I am honoured to have been selected to lead this company which is an integral part of Dubai Holding. I am very confident that we can look forward to rapid and highly successful growth over the coming months and years," added Faraidooni.

Sama Dubai will sit alongside other specialist Dubai Holding investment companies, including Dubai International Capital and Dubai Investment Group. Each specialises in its own key investment area, with Sama focused exclusively on investment in the real estate industry.
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I feel sorry for this thread... so i will reply.

does this mean dubai properties will now become sama?

and what impact will this have on those lovely concrete blocks in business bay?

Dubai International Properties became Sama Dubai
while Dubai Properties remained the same as far as I know
^^ Exactly.

And Nakheel's respond to that was the establishement of "Limitless".
Emaar = development
Arabic please

smussuw or other Arabic speakers can you help me please.
I am in the process of forming a company which will be trading in Europe and The Middle East and I wanted to check if the name sounded ok in Arabic. It is made up of my two childrens names.
I will be called "Carben Investments" does CARBEN mean anything in Arabic?
the name sound ok :)
thats strange... i thought it meant "oh raped one" :dunno:

maybe it depends on how you pronounce it?
thanks guys now I am even more confused than before... :carrot:
DUBAI said:
thats strange... i thought it meant "oh raped one" :dunno:
Isn't that your mother's name Dubai? :wink2:
DUBAI said:
thats strange... i thought it meant "oh raped one" :dunno:

maybe it depends on how you pronounce it?
no no DUBAI i think you mean Caarbeen and not Carben.

By the way sorry to hear that some one tried to rape you in dubai (is this why you hate medinat jumeirah?) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Just goes to show. No one is safe from rape. Even ugly guys in a conservative Muslim society are not safe.
Naz UK said:
Just goes to show. No one is safe from rape. Even ugly guys in a conservative Muslim society are not safe.

Haahahahaha you cracked me up :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Well what I can say this a clear example of the necessity of better paying the taxi drivers so they can bring their wives to live with them in dubai.

According to the story I heard this how it happened:

DUBAI: can you please take me to Carben investments.
Taxi: ohhhh yeah sadiq you mean Caarbeen :naughty: :naughty:
DUBAI: yeah I guess so.
Taxi: ohhh oohhh OMG Caarbeen Caarbeen Caarbeen :naughty: :naughty: this is so goooooooooood my friend :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty:
Thank you very much.

Ok the taxi takes to the middle of desert and DUBAI is already tired and dehydrated due to the high temperature so he can not resist. But none the less fortunately for DUBAI some camels where going on a desert safari so they saved him.
^^ u got a wild imagination dude
Well, if that's like it happened, then that's like it happened. Don't blame the newsreader for famine, u get me.
Moving swiftly back to the threads origanal topic


smussuw said:

Dubai International Properties became Sama Dubai
while Dubai Properties remained the same as far as I know
It looks like its both of them:

Sama Dubai, a real estate and development company
owned by Dubai Holding, is ploughing US $18 billion (AED65 billion) into the mega project along Dubai Creek, to be called The Lagoons.
from the lagoons thread.
offcially Dubai International Properties is now owned by Sama Dubai
Gulf projects exceed $1tr in value

Staff Report

Dubai: The value of projects planned or under development in the Gulf has exceeded $1 trillion (Dh3.67 trillion), a survey said.

The value of more than 1,400 projects rose by more than $250 billion in the first quarter of 2006 and exceeded $1 trillion in the first week of April, according to Meed Projects, an online project tracker.

The UAE remains the Gulf's largest construction market. At the start of April, there were almost $300 billion worth of active projects in the federation, mostly in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, though major schemes are being undertaken in the other five emirates. The market in the region is now the biggest globally on a per capita basis, and the Middle East has the second largest share of project finance in the world.

Ayman Razek, general manager of MEED projects, said: "From the statistics we have at our fingertips, the Gulf economic boom will last for at least five more years. The growth seen in Dubai in the last five years is now happening in Abu Dhabi, and across the GCC.

"Project values are at an all-time high through a combination of a GCC-wide construction boom, through infrastructure development, energy initiatives and public and private sector initiatives, as well as associated rises in building material costs."

The value of projects in Saudi Arabia has doubled to more than $200 billion in the last 12 months, with the Kingdom likely to close on the UAE in the next five years.

Kuwait's project market has grown to $211 billion.
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