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The Californian on Wilshire

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The Californian on Wilshire
Height: 290 ft. 88m (according to Emporis)
Floors: 23
Use: Residential (for sale condos)
Location: Wilshire Blvd. & Malcolm Ave. near Westwood
Construction Start: 2004
Construction End: Fall 2005?

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looks like someone has found ssp... there goes the neighborhood.
Nice building. The facade is a little busy for my taste but it has a nice Art Deco undertone which I love. It looks like the architect ran out of ideas at the top but the base and middle are very cohesive. All in all I give it a B-.
Same here. I gave b+.

Great Point. :)
Nice little residential tower. Almost reminds me of Atlanta . . . so an A- at best.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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