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Here is my city - Warsaw

The official city name in full is The Capital City of Warsaw

The first fortified settlements on the site of today's Warsaw were Bródno (9th/10th century) and Jazdów (12th/13th century). After Jazdów was raided, a new similar settlement was established on the site of a small fishing village called Warszowa. In the beginning of the 14th century it became one of the seats of the Dukes of Masovia, becoming the capital of Masovia in 1413 . Upon the extinction of the local ducal line, the duchy was reincorporated into the Polish Crown in 1526. In 1529 Warsaw for the first time became the seat of the General Sejm, permanent since 1569.

In 1573 Warsaw gave its name to the Warsaw Confederation, formally establishing religious freedom in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
of the Polish Crown in 1596, when King Sigismund III Vasa moved the court from Kraków. Warsaw remained the capital of the Polish-Lithuanian .
Warsaw is Capital- 1596 -Poland expanded its borders to become the largest country in Europe
viev from Prag district: 1656
Warsaw had 40 000-48000


City 1 716 855 516.9 km² (199.6 sq mi) (2010):

Unofficial estimates 1,960,000 in City 516.9 km² (199.6 sq mi) (2010):

Urban Area
2 340 000 876,43 km²

unofficial estimates 2,584,000 in Urban Area 876,43 km²² (2010)

Metro area 3,000 km² and a population of 2,631,902 inhabitants

By officia estimates while some much higher unofficial estimates are often published is about 3 000 000 in City,Urban and Metro
(information from Warsaw Transport Authority,Central Statistical Office nad[/SIZE],51,69318316,0,Ile_osob_mieszka_w_W_wie_bez_meldunku_Milion_.html


during production:

Table of Contents


North Downtown housing estate,neighborhood in Śródmieście DISTRICT.

South Downtown:
from #465 post.

View of south downtown district

Old Town housing estate in Śródmieście DISTRICT.

North part of Muranów housing estate in Śródmieście
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Mokotów district and Ursynów district

Wilanów district and Konstancin-Jeziorna part of the metropolitan area of that city.

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Wow, very nice pics. Warsaw is really a very nice town, with modern and old parts:
Unfortunately I have never been there.

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Śródmieście "City centre", downtown district 134,306:
Śródmieście ("city centre") is the central borough of the city of Warsaw. The best known neighborhoods in the borough are the Old Town (Stare Miasto) and New Town (Nowe Miasto).
The area is home to the most important national and municipal institutions, many businesses, higher education establishments and theatres.
It is also home to most of the tourist attractions in Warsaw, including the tallest building in Warsaw , the narrowest street , the oldest university , the oldest public park , the oldest secular monument and the oldest historical building (13th century).

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