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Sarawak A Place Like No Other MP3
nice kitty!!!

didn't know the hills is so near the city
Since..kuching has so many island..which seperate by the river..I think if they built more modern bridges like in Putrajaya will make the city more impressive:eek:kay:
kuching although is not a very moderm city
but i think it is play very important role in east malaysia like kuala lumpur!
whole activities is concrete in kuching.
i think kuching is most important city in east malaysia.
Long House and Cat are two of the significance cultural symbol of the city

Chicken rice is really yummy apparently
maybe kuching can become "financial capital of borneo"
Sarawak goverment is the richest state in m'sia....but Labuan is the "financial capital of borneo".
Brunei has the highest capital per income in Borneo. Rumous says..there are still head hunter in kalimantan. :)
Hmmmm.....I might be in Kuching this October! :banana:

....and that would be my first trip to East Malaysia! :D

.....and it would be nice to know that I would be on the same island as Baq! :lol:
baqthier said:
Your company got tender job or what there? :D of my very good friend is getting married in October in Kuching ;)
redstone said:

What's that blue tent-shaped thingy? :runaway:
it is Kuching's City Hall;) (can't remember north or south)
1 - 20 of 544 Posts
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