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The City of Amasya

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Located in the region of Middle Black Sea, Amasya is founded on the slopes of Mt. Harşena in Yeşilırmak Valley. With its over 7000 year historical background it became a capital of a kingdom, trained scientists, artists, poets, and became a training city for sultan's sons. First steps of the Independence War of Turkey also took place in Amasya. Along with these historical and cultural riches , Amasya especially takes attention with Yalıboyu houses constructed along the shore of Yeşilırmak . If you want to see a fascinating antic city where history and nature mingles and where you can see the best marble apples, cherries, peaches and okras of the world, Amasya is waiting for you with its cosy and hospitable people.

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This city looks unreal !
such as this pic, it is so impressive

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it is so amazing, I agree. It is full of wonderful Turkish and Ottoman architecture. It is too bad that Amasya is not much known by people. If you ask me, it has a great potential to be a tourist mecca.
it looks very very very beatiful. i want to visit there, maybe i want to live there when i became an old woman. i agree Allan it has good potential for becoming a great tourist destination. Turkey is not all about mediterrenian and it's cities. we have huge black sea coast and very beatiful cities there, like Amasya.
im looking the pics again and again, i must visit Amasya immediately.
Thanx Urban girl!
A wonderfyl autahtic, historical place... Allan than you for posting this thread. Wonderful Amasya :eek:kay:
you are welcome!
how many more would you like?
would you like to see more?

The treasures from the museum in Amasya:

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:applause: i had no idea
this city is sooooooooo beautiful

(bu threadden başka biyerde de mi var ben demin bi post atmıştım ama :weird: )
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