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16 photos altogether. First 6 are leftovers from April/May and last 10 (edit: plus one more) were taken today (June 11), not that it really matters. All photos are presented in chronological order (not that it really matters).

Frost Building

O'Keefe Lane
(from Yonge Dundas Square)

Spadina Ave

(north of China Town)

Yonge-University-Spadina subway car interior

St. George subway station

(no more TTC for me sadly, I use GO now)

A few of the many crappy waterfront condos

McCaul Cigar Store

(now closed)

Capturing the light!

Symbol of peace

(South African War Memorial)

Broken granite walls in completely dry fountains beside memorial

(sad isn't it)

Torn poster/ad

Disintegrated posters

Posters removed completely

(good riddance!)

Torn art along Queen East

Cyclist gets cut off by motorist on Queen Street

(good thing it wasn't Darcy Sheppard on the bike!)

Queen and Bathurst

Bay Street in Financial District

Thanks for looking!

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Very cool pictures! Great.
Does Toronto means "City with no Name"?

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It is a reference to Futurama.

"I am the man with no name. Zapp Brannigan, at your service."

Also a reference that to the fact Toronto is frequently used to portray US cities in TV shows and movies.

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You call it 'The City With No Name' and then identify it by it's name :lol:
Nice photos, though ;)

edit: Okay I just read your post immediately before mine, I understand now :p
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