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The Clockworks | Princess Rd | 6/5/4 fl

7071 16
The Clockworks | Moss Side
Residential | South Manchester



Basic information
  • Status: Groundworks

  • Nearest transport:

  • Address: Land To The North Of 95 Princess Road Bounded By Princess Road, Raby Street, Barnhill Street And Great Western Street Manchester

Detailed information
  • Architect:

  • Floors: Part 4, 5 & 6

  • Number of apartments: 105

  • Developer: Galliford Try

A planning application has been submitted for The Clockworks. It can be viewed here.

116831/FO/2017 | Erection of part four, part five and part six-storey building to form 105no. two-bedroom apartments, including fourth floor roof-top external amenity space, 73no. in site car parking spaces, and 6no. car parking spaces on Raby Street, erection of sub-station, boundary treatment and landscaping, following demolition of existing structures

Groundworks now well underway at this scheme on Princess Parkway:

As you can see the hand car wash had now gone. This is from the rear of the site- see Deansgate Square to the right hand side of the image in the distance.

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Progressing Nicely. By the way Vdb, have you counted this pair of cranes?:

Clockworks (1) by G Shuttleworth, on Flickr

Clockworks (2) by G Shuttleworth, on Flickr

Skyline from roughly here, Princess parkway.

Skyline by G Shuttleworth, on Flickr
Fair enough, that’s really why I didn’t report them earlier, but this said they’ve been permanently erected and in place for about 3months, so surely they’ve made the grade now?! Your shout, They’ve probably run out of tower cranes again :lol:
^^They look like mobile cranes to me GShutty :) I only count tower cranes
No apology necessary..... totally get where you’re coming’s just that 100 almost seems possible so I’m trying to bump it along :lol: :cheers: :nuts:
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Brick cladding now being applied: It was taken through a red mesh gate, but this gives a reasonable impression of the colour, which should look good IMHO: :cheers:

Clockworks (1) by G Shuttleworth, on Flickr

A better view of the static crane for VDB, to see if it/both can make the list and push us towards 75 cranes :nuts: :lol:

Clockworks (2) by G Shuttleworth, on Flickr
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