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The "Completed and Cancelled" Projects Forum - Admin Thread

Welcome to the "Completed and Cancelled Projects" Forum, for the North East England Sub-forum.

This is a new forum (in January 2016) a "5th" internal forum that Skyscraper City have agreed that we can have, so that we can retain all the details, posts and photos from all of our completed and permanently cancelled projects, without 'clogging up' the four LIVE Forums and the Communal Area, with these infrequently used threads.

This new forum was first set up on 21st January 2016, and now includes all of the Completed and Cancelled Project Threads from the other four internal forums, as well as those from the 'Communal Area'. The total number of threads originally transferred into here (that have subsequently been regularly added to) from each forum, were:

Sunderland and Durham Forum - 14 Threads.
Newcastle Metro Area Forum - 43 Threads.
Teesside Forum - 13 Threads.
Hull and Humber Forum - 6 Threads.
Communal Area - 0 Threads.

A Grand Total of 76 Threads, at that start date.

Even though these threads are now in the 'completed and Cancelled' forum, that doesn't mean that you cannot post on them. If anything relevant to one of those projects occurs, please just post on here in the same way as you would if the threads were still in the Live forums. They are NOT 'locked' in any way.

So that individual Project Threads (transferred into here from the Live Forums) can be easily found, I have set up an "Alphabetical Listing Thread" that contains a complete list (with links) of all threads on this forum. The alphabetical listing thread is routinely updated when project threads are transferred into here, when they are either completed or permanently cancelled.


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