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The corner of Seneca St & Ellicott St. Buffalo Ny... a few years ago ....

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Otherwise now known as second base at the ball park, but heres a glimpse of how it looked in 1898

i beleive this building would have been on the south west corner of the intersection. No idea what year it met the wrecking ball.

Images property of Columbia University.

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i believe the southwest corner was also the site of the Hotel Buffalo (the one with the art nouveau entrance), so this may have met the wrecking ball not too long after this.
The Hotel Buffalo was located at Swan and Washington, so it was 1 intersetion up and 1 over.

More info here:

And since the atlas page on that page is missing 1/2 of the Seneca and Ellicott intersection, i found the full page here:

i cant tell if the Menker building is on this 1894 atlas page either. The street address #'s are written along the edge of the street, with frontage lengths in bold inside the boundry of the actual plot. But the street numbering suggests the address would be the south EAST corner.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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