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The Cube is a new landmark building in central Birmingham. It marks a key moment in Birmingham’s development: the first of a phase of visionary buildings which will pave the way for the new Library of Birmingham and New Street station. Comprising offices, parking, apartments, retail units, a hotel, spa, restaurant and ‘sky bar,’ The Cube was conceived as a building which would never close; crafted to open up routes and views to emerging neighbouring districts and permeable to both the users of the building and the community as a whole.

The vision

For all of the mantras about mixed use in the UK – how this building type is the ideal, sustainable response, how it engenders a vibrancy, and how it contributes fully to the art of placemaking – very few new buildings offering a true variety and mix of uses have actually been produced. The Cube in Birmingham is just such a building; its full mix of uses represents an ideal of contemporary city-making, in one building.

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