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i was down at the delaware beaches yesterday. here are some pictures of the general scenery.

looking across salt pond, just north of bethany beach.

looking across indian river bay towards some developments.

some marshland in delaware seashore state park.

looking across rehoboth bay. some gulls are at the bottom left.

looking out across rehoboth bay at some shacks on the water.

some marshland along rehoboth bay.

the indian river life-saving station, built in 1876. the station was built in response to the large number of shipwrecks that would occur offshore.

delaware seashore state park

some sandpipers on the beach.

the beach.

the dunes.

a lone surf fisher.

the dunes again.

a watch tower along the beach. these watch towers were built during world war 2 to watch for german u-boats going up and down the coast. u-boats were spotted occasionally along the east coast, including in delaware.

another watchtower, with the south end of dewey beach in the background. there are around 10 or 11 watchtowers along the delaware coast, with more than half of them being in cape henlopen state park. cape henlopen is the south side of the entrance to delaware bay, and so more towers were built there to protect the cities of philadelphia and wilmington.

a walkway over the dunes to the beach.

the dunes at delaware seashore state park, with dewey beach just north of the park.

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