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the city developement plan

Chongqing Planning Exhibition Center


Yuzhong Peninsula

Models (old)


CBD in Nanan district

Chongqing Tiandi CBD

Jiangbei New CBD, there are several supertalls planned here. The tallest one looks around 500m


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^^ The models are outdated, I think the pics were taken 2 years ago or so.

Only in the core of the Yuzhong peninsula (Jiefganbei district) you see above there are planned the following skyscrapers:

Chongqing Fortune Plaza: 400m+, 91 fl (under design)
Marriott Center: 398m, 77 fl (u/c)
Yingli Tower: 350m, 75 fl (approved, being redesigned)
Century Star Plaza 1: 330m, 79 fl (u/c)
Yuzhou Hotel, 308m, 76 fl (u/c)
Poly Tower, 300m, 68 fl (u/c)
World Trade Center Chongqing, 283m, 60 fl (finished)
Century Star Plaza 2: 280m+, 75 fl (approved)
Century Star Plaza 3: 260m+, 68 fl (approved)
International Mansion: 258m, 44 fl (approved)
Century Star Plaza 4: 250m+, 61 fl (approved)
Century Star Plaza 5: 220m+, 58 fl (approved)
Century Star Plaza 6: 220m+, 55 fl (approved)
Moi City, 240m, 58 fl (approved)
Future International, 236m, 50 fl (finished)
Lifan Edifice, 236m, 45 fl (approved)
NY NY Tower, 228m, 46 fl (finished)
Custome City, 220m, 60 fl (approved)
Artificial Tower, 200m, 45+ fl (approved)

+ Many other projects coming. Notce that half of these projects were approved in the last 9 months.

The area in late 2006. Many low rises are being demolished. I think Jiefangbei is becoming world's densest CBD after those projects are finished.

Btw, Jiefangbei locates only around 40% of Chongqing's 200m+ projects.

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now,50%+ of the concrete in the wolrd is consumed by China.

So, I am afraid that perhaps 50% of buildings& infrastructures under construction in the world are located in China too.
ohhhhhh,,, 50%+ ??
that's crazy figure,... :nuts:
it'll be really jungle... of concretes which no one ever seen before

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@ badguy2000

CQ is just a microphotograph of the development of Chinese cities.

Chongqing may even be not among the top 10 richest cities if by GDP.
^^ I have the feeling Chongqing will be among the top 5 Mainland Chinese metros in a decade or two in terms of economic standing.

It'd be: [in ten years time]
1. Shanghai-Hangzhou-Nanjing-Suzhou-Wuxi-Ningbo (The Yangtze River Delta Region will, definitely, form one metro that could, in 20-years time, surpass Greater Tokyo Area in terms of GRDP.)
2. Hong Kong-Shenzhen-Guangzhou-Dongguan-Zhuhai-Macau ('nuff said)
3. Beijing-Tianjin Area
4. Chongqing
5. Wuhan/Shenyang
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