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Planning consent given to Farrell’s design in historic part of London
The London Borough of Hackney has given consent to proposals for Eagle House. A fully integrated proposal which will include a new residential tower, retail units, offices, start-up business units for local people, a supermarket and a health and fitness club focused around a new central public space. The scheme, designed by London based architects Terry Farrell, will act as a landmark for the area and a catalyst for regeneration in this historic part of London. It includes a new mixed-use development and also a locally listed but neglected building located on a gap site will be retained and refurbished This scheme will have great significance in the City Road area of Shoreditch. There is visual interest at ground level, with a restaurant and retail outlets with large frontages facing directly onto City Road and surrounding streets.

Sam Mansour
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To me, the design looks pretty consistent between the render in the opening post and the one on the info boards (apart from the colour of the window frames perhaps). What in particular are you disappointed about?

The whole building will be finished in the same white render used on the art deco building :)
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this has been put up for sale now by the Irish toxic debt organisation according to ES.
this has been put up for sale now by the Irish toxic debt organisation according to ES.

Hooray. Hopefully won't have to look every day at the ageing concrete for too much longer! Buy it someone please!
This is some sort of progress at least. Wish they'd hurry up; apart from wanting the elegant tower to be complete, the supermarket will be very handy!

If work restarts on Eagle House, I wonder how it will affect the progress on the site of the hotel next door?

In any case, I'm sure it will be many months before work recommences. There's a long way to go yet...
From today:

That crane on the right was working and things seemed to be happening.
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The crane on the right looks like it's for a different development?
Could be, I didn't get very close as I didn't have the time. Seemed like that was the only one moving.
Yes, the small white crane is from the site next door (151-159 City Road). There's a thread about it here:

Sadly, Eagle House is still on hold until a buyer can be found :(
Ha, I think it's a good thing to keep the thread busy! :D
Was just looking at this as I've wondered how long an empty structure is allowed to remain before people get angry and saw a few people on the net have sneaked in and taken a few pictures from the top. If anyone ever gets to move into it then they will have one heck of a view.

More pictures here -
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There's a bit of an unwritten rule about posting images from 'that kind' of site. By all means enjoy the images on their native forums but reposting them here is a big no-no.
lovely view of Old Street village there
lovely view of Old Street village there
Yeah, I can see what they mean now by Village Atmosphere. Not urban in the slightest.
Yeah, I can see what they mean now by Village Atmosphere. Not urban in the slightest.
maybe 'villaging' is the new hipster idyll, after urban homesteading we now have urban hipsters donning hunters and grazing cattle on roadside verges or window boxes. isnt urban bee keeping quite 'on trend'?
i cant wait to go to my first urban pheasant shoot, you will get good high birds off those social housing tower blocks

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So does anyone know (or have a way of finding out!) what is planned with this?

It's pretty much the view from my flat and its such a shame to see it empty.
Yes, unfortunately this development is still dormant. I really hope somebody buys it soon.
Me too, it's been far too long. Hopefully all the construction sites popping up around it will encourage someone to finish it off
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