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The East End is a vast city,as famous in its way as any the hand of man has made.But who knows the East End?It is down through Cornhill and out beyond Leadenhall Street and Aldgate Pump,one will say: a shocking place,where he once went with a curate; an evil plexus of slums that hide human creeping things; where filthy men and women live on penn’orths of gin,where collars and clean shirts are decencies unknown,where every citizen wears a black eye,and none ever combs his hair.

Arthur Morrison.Tales of Mean Streets.1890.

That was The East End of 19C now its different...very different - the place that no one wanted has become the place to be.
And In this thread Im going to show you this amazing place.I hope youll enjoy.
Ohh and this thread is not going to end with the first set of images - when I take more Ill post them here so dont forget to visit this thread every once in a while.

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WTF is East End?Well :
The term East End was first applied to the districts immediately to the east of and entirely outside the medieval walled City of London and north of the River Thames these included Whitechapel and Stepney.By the late 19th century the East End roughly corresponded to the Tower division of Middlesex which from 1900 formed the metropolitan boroughs of Stepney Bethnal Green Poplar and Shoreditch in the County of London.Today it corresponds to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and the southern part of Hackney.

The invention about 1880 of the term East End was rapidly taken up by the new halfpenny press and in the pulpit and the music hall ... A shabby man from Paddington St Marylebone or Battersea might pass muster as one of the respectable poor.But the same man coming from Bethnal Green Shadwell or Wapping was an East Ender the box of Keatings bug powder must be reached for and the spoons locked up.In the long run this cruel stigma came to do good.It was a final incentive to the poorest to get out of the East End at all costs and it became a concentrated reminder to the public conscience that nothing to be found in the East End should be tolerated in a Christian country.

Parts of the London boroughs of Newham and Waltham Forest formerly in an area of Essex known as London over the border are sometimes considered to be in the East End.However the River Lee is usually considered to be the eastern boundary of the East End and this definition would exclude the boroughs but place them in East London.The common extension of the term further east is probably due to the diaspora of East Enders who moved to suburban east London in particular the new estates at Becontree and Harold Hill or otherwise left London entirely.

Anyway!Pictures :























Buka Pintu
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A good representation of life in 2007 up the ol' East End, which in my opinion is home to some of the most fascinating history and culture in London.
I agree.:cheers:


Hopefully it will stay that way. I guess most old buildings are protected from demolition?
Yeah lets hope it will stay that way...Heres a map of protected (listed) buildings in Tower Hamlets :

And Hackney :

Thanks all! :cheers1:

Edit : Damn so many listed buildings in Hackney (and not only) are rotting away...shame on English Heritage!They waste millions on their silly crusades against skyscrapers...God...they should just shut up and spend money on restoration of old run-down buildings.

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Thanks for the links. And I agree with you that English Heritage should concentrate on saving and restoring old buildings. What´s the purpose of this organization if they fail to save old buildings??
Ahaaa I think EH should change their name to - Tower Of London St Pauls And Houses of Parliament Trust or something like that because these are the only buildings they care about...Something like half of the properties owned by EH are rotting away and they cant find money to restore them but they always have money to fight skyscrapers.How come?

Maybe tomorrow Ill go out and take some more pictures of the East End.Lets hope it will be sunny day.
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