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the EASTERN EUROPE and EASTSKY CAFE subtitle thread!

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Ok, it seems to me that people just ignore (or can't see) the old subtitle thread. It hasn't been viewed for ages!

This is why we need a new thread to bring everyone's attention to this issue! Let's really get this over with, it's been so long!

Not only do we need a subtitle for EastSky Cafe, why not make one for Eastern Europe as well, since other Euro forums have subtitles!

So, make your suggestions, as stupid as they might be, it will spark some discussions at least!
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Yeah, i stay at my old proposal "currently fighting about subtitle" ;)

btw. i ll be on msn today c.a. 19:30 cet :)
I was thinking something like "Crossroads of the World", "Where cultures meet", or something along those lines for Eastern Europe.

1.) Since the early times, Eastern Europe has been a very important area. It was a "crossroad" in the sense that trading routes from Asia, Middle East had to pass through it to get to Europe.

2.) I think we all know how diverse Eastern Europe is, especially after being on this forum. We have many different cultures, religions, climates, etc.

So, based on those things, maybe we can use the idea of diverse "cultures" meeting, or something like that?

What do you all think?
Stevan said:
Yeah, i stay at my old proposal "currently fighting about subtitle" ;)

btw. i ll be on msn today c.a. 19:30 cet :)
7:30 your time? What's "cet". What time is it there now? It's 1:02 here.
And, I still think that our EastSky Cafe subtitle should be something about how we fight!

I know it's probably not a good thing that we have so many fights on here, but it's reality. We have so many different nations, cultures, religions on Eastern Europe, that I think arguments are unavoidable, but hopefully we learn from them!

I it would be cool to be able to make fun of ourselves in that way, plus it'll be humourous.
Well everyone else has Skybar so we should have Skybar as well :)
CET is GMT +1 (+2 during daylight savings), it's short for Central European Time, and 19:30 CET was around 20 minutes ago.. :D

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^isn't it interesting that the easternmost part of Norway is in the same hour zone as the westernmost part of Spain? :p
well I don't have anything against a subtitle thread, I don't really care about it but I would like it to be nice and funny.
perso I like the 'Fighting about subtitle" best
^^ Wow, i didnt knew that Russia occupied Ucraina and that there is Greater Serbia.. lol :D
It's the best picture I could find, sorry <_<
Pavlo said:
Well everyone else has Skybar so we should have Skybar as well :)
We do have a "Skybar", but ours is called "EastSky Cafe".
And no comments on my suggestions?
Feel free to suggest your own, if you don't like mine! ;)

Oh, and I just submitted my Postcard a bit late, so could you guys vote, I'm afraid I won't get enough votes by the end of tonight. :)


"Genex sees all." << for EastSky Cafe

It's a bit too Serbian IMO, but it seems to fit the name nicely.. after all, doesn't Genex have that restaurant thing at the top? ;)

Or how bout.. "The place for backwards red commie peoples from backwards red commie lands." ;) (the "World as America sees it" map comes to mind.. "Here be dragons".. lol)

Stupid, I know! :D
I think Stevica's :)D) proposial is excellent. When we rename it to "Currently fighting about subtitle" we'll so much time to choose new subtitle ;)

What would Eastern Europe change to? The Iron Curtain?
Pavlo said:
What would Eastern Europe change to? The Iron Curtain?
:hahano: :tongue2:

I like Stevan's title the most thus far. But I'm not a creative type person, so I'm not even going to bother trying to think of something.
Football Rules said:
The current titles are fine in my opinion
We're not thinking of changint the titles themselves, but the SUB-titles!
Eastern Europe - Viewer discretion is advised
Roker s Moravu said:
Eastern Europe - Viewer discretion is advised
"May not be suitable for children". :lol:
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