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Address of old radio tower was on accurately named Raadiojaama tänav (literally 'Radiostation street'),close to Pärnu river in Türi. I didn't find exact address of it,so entire radio station might have occupied several lots there.

Few more photos:
Radio station & tower as it looked in late 1930s (same photo as Obelixx posted):

Construction photo:

After it was destroyed by Red Army:

I've heard about it before,but from what I discovered on internet,it was pretty impressive engineering achievement.

Türi Radio Tower

Height of radio tower metal structure: 192m
Full height of radio tower: 196,6m (at the time of construction the tallest structure in Nordic & Baltic region!)
First broadcast: 11.25AM 15th October 1937
Start of regular broadcasting 18th December 1937
Broadcasting Wavelength: 410,4
Cost of radio station & radio tower: 904'000 kroons
Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co.
Electric Transmission Ltd.
+ local construction contractors
Radio tower assembly time: 19 days

When completed,it was one most powerful radio broadcasting towers in Europe. In 1941 Red Army was planning to disassemble radio tower & take it to Russia,but retreating Red Army troops destroyed it.
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