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Ok, I'm a huge dork and extremely bored while at work. So I started a seriously geeky project to occupy some of my time.

For those of you who don't know, the Freedom Tower construction site placed a high-res webcam that saves an image every 15 minutes:
I decided to grab the 12:00 noon screenshot every day for the next 5 years or so. Then I'll edit them together in a time lapse movie and put it up on YouTube or something.

Here is the project so far:
You Tube

High Res Version:
Right-click to Save As

I need to find some suitable music so I'm open to any suggestions. I will update the video every few days.

Just a few notes on the project:

- I was originally going to do 3-5 frames per day, but the moving shadows from the surrounding skyscrapers ruined the video when played quickly. I settled on 1 shot per day at noon EST.
- The video runs at one frame every 0.2 seconds (5 days per second)
- When it rains, the camera gets covered in water and is useless. Because of this, there are about 5 days missing since the project began on April 13. (this worries me about the winters)
- I also tried one of night shots, but I gave up the project. I may return to it later depending on how the day one goes.

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oh and i have a great song for this too; it runs 8.5 minutes, so there should be no problem with length. look up Mogwai's "Tracy", off the album "Kicking A Dead Pig" (not the version off "Young Team").
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