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The Ghosts of Amsterdam

These images are the work of Jo Teeuwisse, a Historical Consultant in Amsterdam – and a master Retronaut.

“Years ago I found some negatives in a fleamarket. I scanned them and put them online. I then found some of the spots in the photos and took pictures there."

A group of young factory workers posing probably outside the factory during the war.

Liberation Parade on Friday June 29th, 1945 in the Vijzelstraat, Amsterdam.

The Underground Press, wearing face masks. The banner carried is from “De Waarheid”, the Communist underground paper:

Reguliersgracht in Amsterdam. These people worked in a factory and the office part was perhaps in one of these buildings.

SS Recruiting Office in Dam Square during the Occupation, across from the “Big” Club.

Crowds filled the square very quickly when the Germans stopped shooting so its quite likely that these people were risking their lives. Note the shoes and hats dropped by the crowds as they fled for their lives:

The building on the left in the Royal palace from which the Resistance started shooting back. On the right you see the “Nieuwe Kerk” (new church).

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