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The Great Guessing Gamble ( Trial Version )

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Here is a new idea I am trying out so..
Please read the Rules !


1. This is a Gamble GTC. The GTC will end on reply no.25 Any posts after that IS NOT VALID

2. Guessers will not have to necessarily guess the city. They have instead 4 options to chose from for their reply

The options are :

a. To guess of the COUNTRY directly ( NO continent guess )
b. To say PASS
c. To say DOUBLE
d. To say BLUFF

If you guess the country right.. I will NOT give out the answer. But at the end of 25 posts you will be awarded the number of point corresponding to your POST number
( eg. if the country is Canada and you got it in the 14th reply to the post.. you get 14 points !! )

If you chose PASS, you are playing it safe. A clever way of using it is to keep passing.. till the reply count increases and then go for a guess..cos rather than saying Toronto at post 14.. if you keep passing and go for it at post 24.. you get 24 points ;) )

If you call DOUBLE.. it simply means you are doubling your stakes what ever it is.. If someone says Canada at post 14.. if you think it is right.. you can say DOUBLE at post will get 30 points !!! ..but the trick is you can DOUBLE ONLY ONCE FOR A COUNTRY..if another poster posts another city after you had doubled as a guess... your DOUBLE becomes VOID

If you call.. BLUFF.. it means you are calling a STOP to the rolling ball ! A BLUFF means you think the last guess by a person is WRONG and you are CHALLENGING. No posts from there on.. I will post a reply.. calculating the points at that stage !! and set the ball rolling again..

For example.. if the country is Cananda but a person guessed it last as UK at post 15.. and you call BLUFF at post 16.. the guesser who guesses UK will get -15 points andthose who DOUbLEs that will get double the loss !!

However IF your BLUFF ( at post 16 ) call is WRONG.. and the country last guessed is right.. you will get -16 !

For example here is a sample run..

1. [real country is Canada..but the guessers don't know that] But I say it is.. ITALY..
1. forza - Canada
2. CPN - UK
3. kuesel - Double
4. forza - pass
5. forvine - BLUFF
6. Kuesel - BLUFF

round stops.. I will to when the round stopped.. post 5 and the Bluff is right.. so CPN gets -2 Kuesel gets -3 for having doubled wrong answer. Kuesels 6th post is not valid. Sadly even if Forza got Toronto (right answer) in post 1 he wont get any it had been over ruled by CPN in post 2 ! Forvine gets 5 points for having rightly BLuffed at post 5. however he need to remember that he will get -5.. if his bluff cal lwas wrong !!

post 7. I will declare the points and the thread goes on from post 7.. I will set it rolling again.. by either saying PASS or making a fresh guess for the ORIGINAL COUNTRY in post 1.

3. Each guesser can either call for ONLY one of the four.. BUT CANNOT POST CONSECUTIVE POSTS !
YOU CAN PLAY EACH ROUND AS MANY TIME ASA YOU LIKE as long as your posts are not consecutive.. it is ok !

It goes on till post 25... when I call it a STOP ! So take risk ..and pray hard ;)

ps. If nobody calls it a BLUFF.. then there is an Auitomatic Bluff at post 25 WHEN the Gamble Thread will ENd.. wheather the country is guessed or not. So good luck ;)
So here is a trial Run with a Country...

country is.. EGYPT !

good luck ;)
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Good Idea, but what the hell is this? lol, this is confusing

So I will guess India
Very confusing - I would DOUBLE with India (I think I can do it because Marca only passed, did I get that right?)

Cool anyway :applause:
Good BLUFF :applause:

weil 6 -2 = 4
Kuesel -4 ( you got the rules right but the country wrong ;) )

..guys this is tricky.. so you need to be shrewd.. Weil just did that.. he got the wrong country.. but Bluffed it himself later on to get more points ;) As I said you can post as many replies as long as they are not consecutive.. so keep playing it to your advantage :D

Game countinies.. more at stake as the post count increases...

Country is.. Kuwait

ps. there can be as many double, pass or country guesses .. but it all need to stop with one Bluff. But only one double from a particular poster for a particular don't be shy try your luck..if you are very confident you can double at post 10 and bluff it at post 12 to collect the points ;)
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my friend living in those weird buildings, i slept on the roof one night...


is the game still going? or how does it work..?
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It is very much Still on..

Good BLUFF :applause:

Go Mid East = 9
Weil 4 + ( -8) = -4
Kuesel = -4

Gamne goes on TILL post 25..

continie.. I say pass

no countries on offer now.. so someone has to make a guess if you need point ;)
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I dont get it, well Im dumb so dont be surprised!
guys.. please keep TRYING...this is the only GTC where many people can get points.. not just one ot two.. you could possibly win 100s of points in each game.. it is a GAMBLE.. no try no gain ;)

I will make a call..

Can i make a guess straight after calling bluff without waiting for you to post first?

The Country is Kuwait !

But I think the rules are making everyone I think I will stick to the NEW ( Easy Rules ) Gamble and leave this idea aside ?

I am planning to make a Series with the NEW Gamble type GTCs.. many points to be won..and this will be a GTC where MANY posters can get points.. not just one or two

What do you think ? :dunno:
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"Its more than good, they GREAAAT"

Sorry just watched the Kellogg's commercial...

Seriously though, it sounds good, I like the new game.
alright I too think I will stick to the new easier version

night for now

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