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Thought this might work well with lots of opportunites to post pics. I'll start with...

Sandakphu and Tiger Hill(Darjeeling), West Bengal, India

Both looking towards Kanchengjunga(3rd highest mountain in the world) with a visable elevation difference of over 8000 meters. You can also see 4 of the worlds 5 highest peaks(also Everest, Lhtose & Makalu) from Sandakphu where the former was first measured and found to be the highest in the world.


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pakistan..natural beauty

these are pictures from pakistan natural beauty.

Broghil Lake on the divide between Chitral and Ghizer Districts in Northern Pakistan. Background: Hindu Raj Cordillera.

and for that u all know
Highest Mountains

Peak Name
World Rank
Height Range

8611m Karakoram

Nangha Parbat
8125m Himalaya

Gasherbrum –1 (Hidden Peak)
8068m Karakoram

Broad Peak
8047m Karakoram

Gasherbrum – 2
8035m Karakoram

Gasherbrum – 3
7952m Karakoram

Gasherbrum – 4
7925m Karakoram

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Well, I use my own photos!

(Left)The Hump, and (right) The Cathedral, Mt. Buffalo, Victoria: if you look carefully you can see little people on the top of the Cathedral.

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania : not as high as Everest or K2, but you can climb it in a day in summer, and still get snow in your mouth:

Wilson's Promontory, Victoria: Rodondo Island in the left middle distance is about 20 km away, 500 m high, and was only first climbed in the 1950's. It's actually in Tasmania.

A 40 km walk to take this photo! There's a light-house- the southern-most point of Australia- on the promontory sticking out to the left.

The other side of the promontory ... another day's trekking away.

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