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The greatest Iraqis - Submission thread

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As an addendum to my previous flame war, I "discovered" the strength of feelings that Iraqis have about "some" figures in Iraqi History.

That gave me the idea of having something like a list of the "Greatest Iraqis"... (something like what they do in Britain called the "Greatest Britons").

Basic rules:
1-The person can be either somebody who lived in Iraq or is of Iraqi descent.
2- Can be in different "categories" (arts, science, politics, military, philosophy, charity or other)
3- doesn't have to be one person only... we can have a list of the 10 or 100 greatest Iraqis.

This is the thread where we make the submissions for our choice (or choices), you are not restricted to one...

After this thread, we can then open another thread where the shortlisted persons are put in series and everyone can submit the "order" in which they think is best...

and finally, the submissions are then put together to make the final list by popularity.... or we can put it up on a "facebook page" to get a wider audience to submit further votes.

The template for submission:

Rank # Name reason
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Here's a list of existing items. please add more at the bottom and I'll include it here.

Abdul jabbar abdullah
pioneering wave theory physicist

Abdul Kareem Qasim
freed the populace from serfdom and restored native Iraqi rule to Iraq after nearly 8 centuries of foreign overlordship. His brief rule triggered the 20 years with the biggest societal and economic development in Iraq since the 13th century.

Abdul Karim Mahoud al-Hatab
Led the only secular military opposition to Saddam Hussein and probably the most successful of all. His exploits earned him the nick name "Lord of the Marshes" for his legendary Robin Hood style guerilla warfare tactics.

Invented the religions that half the world still believes in. Khara ab 3ardh al khabatha!

Abu Jaafar Al Mansour
Founder of Baghdad

Afeefa Iskandar
Female singer

Ahmad Alwaeli
Probably one of the biggest and most important clerics in Iraqs history. A wise man that always stood for what is best for Iraq and the Muslims as a unite. A fair man with great knowledge in Islam and philosophy. He was nicknamed the "Mobile Library".

Alexander the Great
Though he was not born Iraqi, he made Babylon the centre of the Hellenistic Empire and world and lived and died there.

Ali Al-Wardi
The premier social scientist of Iraq with dozens of books

Ali ibn abi taleb
moved the capital of the islamic Caliphate to Iraq

Al Jazari
One of the great scientists and engineers of the Middle ages. Our own Da Vinci.

Al Kindi
"the Philosopher of the Arabs", was an Iraqi philosopher mathematician physician and musician. Al-Kindi was the first of the Muslim peripatetic philosophers, and is unanimously hailed as the "father of Islamic or Arabic philosophy for his synthesis, adaptation and promotion of Greek and Hellenistic philosophy in the Muslim world

Al Mutanabi
well b/c he IS Mutanabi

The first "semi mythical" ruler of Sumeria, who brought civilisation to Iraq.

Amo Baba
Footballer and coach

Ara Derzi
pioneering keyhole surgery

As Saffah
He brought the Abbasids to power in Iraq and started the "golden era" of the Islamic Empire

Bint Al Huda Al Sadr
Sister of the ayatollah

David Sassoon
Former Treasurer of Baghdad who became one of the chief instigators of the Opium Wars by the British Against China. His descendants in Europe are from his son Abdullah Sassoon who became Albert Sassoon. His descendants include Siegfried Sassoon the foremost British-iraqi poet of WW1 and Rachel Sassoon who owned the sunday times and Observer.

Falah Hassan
Footballer and coach

Fuad Saleem

A king from the First Dynasty of Uruk around 2500BC. One of the greatest stories of manking was written about him, which was plagiarised into the "old testament" and its subsequent copies.

Revived Sumeria during the post-Akkadian collapse and ensured the continuity of civilisation that allowed the rise of the new Amorite led kingdom in Babil. His restoration of civilisation ensured that Sumero akkadian civilisation continued to modernise the world for another 2000 years rather than be extinguished and potentially the mesopotamian world would have reverted to a pre-literate era and would have been swallowed up by the barbarians like the gutians.

one of the earliest law codes in the world

Hawar Mulla Mohammed
Football player in the Champions League

Hussain Saed
Footballer and coach

Ibn al haytham al basri
His unparallel development of Optics and Ophthalmology. as well as maths, astronomy and other topics.

Jawad Saleem
Sculptor and Artist

Jim Al Khalili
A theoretical Physicist and scientific broadcaster

Kadhem Al Saher
Modern Musician

The Female ruler of Iraq during the 3rd Dynasty of Kish in Sumeria. Legend says she ruled for 100 years.

Laila Al Attar

Lamee'a Abbas Emara

Malak Razooq Ghannam
First modern Iraqi female medical student

Ma'rouf il Risafi
Great man, similar to Ali Al Wardi, only read his book 'kitab il shakhsiya il Mohamadiya; so far but also great writing/analysis from this man

Farmer who shot down an Apache helicopter in 2003

Mizher Al Shawi
Iraqi ports director general, Army General and Sandhurst Alumni

Mohammed Al Qubanchi
The Father of modern Iraqi Music

Mohammed Baqir Al-Sadr
An ayatollah

Mohamed Ghani Hikmat
Sculptor and Artist

Mohammed Mehdi Al Jawahiri
Modern Iraq's national poet.

Mohamed Sadeq Al Sadr.
An Ayatollah

Mohamed Saleh Makiya
Architect. Makiya’s contributions to the fields of architecture and urbanism and, in particular, his sophisticated incorporation of traditional forms into modern architecture, cannot be overstated. His work embodies ideas of urban conservation, regionalism in form, and continuity of architectural heritage; ideas which continue to younger generations of architects through the Middle East.

Moses, Jesus, etc...
They are all descendents of Abraham

Munir Bashir
the supreme master of the Arab maqamat scale system. He created different styles of the Arabian short scaled lute, the oud. He was one of the first middle eastern instrumentalists known to Europe and America. Bashir’s music is distinguished by a novel style of improvisation that reflects his study of Indian and European tonal art in addition to oriental forms

Destroyed Assyria and oversaw the rise of Babylon, the destruction of Assyria freed the near east from their oppression and a new era of development took place for many centuries.

Nadhim Al Ghazali
Mid-20th century musician

Nazeeha Al-Dulaimy
the first female minister in the region and had made a vast contributions including the Iraqi civil law of 1959.

Nazik Al-Malaeka
the legendary of free verse poet , she's first even before Sayyab .

A semi-mythical ruler and "demon god".

Nuri Al Maliki
Current Prime Minister of Iraq

Nouri Al-Saeed
this one probably not popular, but from an objective point , the man is a TRUE politician .

Riyadh Al-Azzawi
World Champion kick boxer

Sabeeha Al Shaikh Dawood
First female to enter the law school

Saddam Hussain Al Majeed
Former President of Iraq

Salman Sharif
Assassination attempt on Uday Saddam Hussain that rendered the rapist of Baghdad impotent

Taha Baqir
Baqir is considered one of Iraq's most eminent archaeologists. Among the works he is remembered for are his Akkadian to Arabic translation of the Epic of Gilgamesh, his decipherment of Sumero-Akkadian mathematical tablets,[1] his Akkadian law code discoveries, and his excavations of ancient Babylonian and Sumerian sites; including the ancient Sumerian city of Shaduppum in Baghdad.

Younis Mahmoud
Captain of the Iraqi team which won Iraq's first FIFA titles

Zaha Hadid
Architect flooding the world with her great imaginary designs .

Zekkiya Ismail Haqqi
First female judge
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Nebuchezzar (think that's how you spell it) a great conqueror who destroyed the first Kingdom if Judea.
Hamurabi the first code of law on earth. That's big!
Abu Na3al
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please give
Abu Na3al
^^ fifth response, and we're down to that :lol:
From the arts: Poet Muhammad Mahdi al-Jawahiri
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Ibn Haythem Al-Basri- known has the father of Optics.
^^ fifth response, and we're down to that :lol:
Who is abo na3al any enlightenment Mr, Ishtarportan.

1. Al-Mutanabi , well b/c he IS Mutanabi :D

2. Al-Jawahiri , greatest poet since Mutanabi .

3. Zaha Hadid , flooding the world with her great imaginary designs .

4. Nazik Al-Malaeka , the legendary of free verse poet , she's first even before Sayyab .

Will post more later.
- The Lord Darzi of Denham (Although not sure if he maintains any connection to iraq)

- Abdul Jabbar Abdullah ( President Emeritus of Baghdad University and a student of Albert Einstein's - per wikipedia)
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Politics :

1. Abdul Kareem Qasim , LEGEND! probably no one going to top this man.

2. Nouri Al-Saeed , this one probably not popular, but from an objective point , the man is a TRUE politician .

3. Nazeeha Al-Dulaimy , the first female minister in the region and had made a vast contributions including the Iraqi civil law of 1959.

The idea of this thread is great, will come up with more in time :D
great stuff.

once we get to 100... we can then put it up on facebook for voting :D
does Gilgamish count, even though he's most likely mythical.
Dr Mohamed Saleh Makiya - Architect
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Dr Mohamed Saleh Makiya - Architect
My definite hero. Bravo for the choice :)
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