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Mc carthy & Stone, Restful Home’s and Aston Martin Dealership signed up and ready to go, full phased details

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Mc Carthy & Stone

Reference PL/2017/03218/PPFL
Alternative Reference PP-06554047
Application Received Mon 04 Dec 2017
Application Validated Tue 05 Dec 2017
Address The Green Stratford Road Shirley Solihull B90 4LA
Proposal Development of a 66 unit extra care accommodation building (Use Class C2), with formation of new vehicular and pedestrian access, removal of trees, landscaping and formation of a swale.
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Restful Homes

Reference PL/2017/03229/PPFL
Alternative Reference PP-06553365
Application Received Mon 04 Dec 2017
Application Validated Mon 04 Dec 2017
Address The Green Stratford Road Shirley Solihull B90 4LA
Proposal Development of a 86 bed care home (Use Class C2), formation of a new vehicular and pedestrian access, removal of trees, landscaping and formation of a swale.

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The current ZF building, formerly TRW, originally the great Joseph Lucas has a fascinating history. Stories of top security, cold war involvement. Its a proper old school business set up with a theatre and large staff restaurant amongst it's facilities. Whilst the perimeter fence and high security has gone, I believe the guard dogs kennels still exist, although the patrols have stopped and the dogs have gone.

There is however an original industrial theme mural in the reception (amongst other possible things) that I know is listed and I was told it must be preserved. I'd be interested to know if this will be maintained in a new development or if the historians have succumbed to the developers plans.
I was going to mention that building - I'd prefer that to stay.
Aston Martin dealership

Alternative Reference PP-06586656
Application Received Thu 21 Dec 2017
Application Validated Fri 29 Dec 2017
Address The Green Stratford Road Shirley Solihull B90 4LA
Proposal Development for a car dealership, including 47 car parking spaces, tree removal, landscaping, estate road realignment and access.
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Stratford Road is literally car heaven.
Stratford Road is literally car heaven.
It is, unless you want to drive up and down it !

Plenty of dealerships all along it, from Shirley right down to the M42.

We have

Renault in Shirley (opposite Morrisons) - huge new showroom being built on the site after they bought the old Burger King site next door.

Bristol St Motors (Ford) slightly further down the road. Again, new showroom just been built.

Lister (Jaguar) down by the retail parks

Further down, near this Green development, are

Listers Honda

Then near the Corus hotel we have


Then just off the Stratford Road (in Highlands road) is Porche

Then finally, down by McDonalds, we have

Lister Land Rover

I think that is about all, but I may have missed one.
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^^ Maserati by Porsche too,

And soon to be this beast of a show room for Mercedes on the prologis site!!

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And MINI next to BMW too

Unreal the amount of showrooms, great for the area I supose though, Stratford road is also Supermarket heaven :lol:

Waitrose by Hall Green
Aldi by Hall Green
Tesco at the Solihull Boarder
ASDA at Parkgate
Aldi next to Parkgate
Morrisons opposite Renualt
Sainsburys by the retail parks
Tesco Extra by the M42

All on the same road! Just missing a LIDL :lol:

Used to be M&S Food too
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There's another Aldi in Sparkhill too.

Will be sad to see the TRW building go. One of the few pieces of interesting architecture on that piece of road.
There is still a M & S Foodhall at the Sears Retail Park near Marshall Lake Road in Shirley.

That Aldi is in Sparkbrook.

Here's a pic of TRW from last year. Was from the no 5 bus route. Cranmore Boulevard, Monkspath

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Nissan also joining car heaven :lol:

11 Jan 2019 Midlands Property Jon Robinson
Green light tipped for industrial site’s transformation
Phased plans to transform an industrial site in Solihull into almost 600 homes and a range of car dealerships have been recommended for approval.

M7 Real Estate, Nissan and Charles Church Developments are behind the proposals for The Green, Stratford Road, Shirley.

According to planning documents, up to 572 homes and more than 100,000 sq ft of car dealership space would be created if Solihull Borough Council approves the scheme at a meeting on Wednesday 16 January.

The 47.2-acre site was first developed in the 1960s as the headquarters of Lucas Engineering. Buildings were added over the next 30 years to create an office, laboratory and ligh industrial campus.

Once the whole project is completed, the site will include more than 700 homes, up to five car dealerships and employment for about 475 people.

Plans for 162 homes for senior citizens and for an Aston Martin dealership in the site have already been approved.

A council document published ahead of the meeting said: "Significant benefit to the economic and social role of sustainable development would be delivered through economic activity both in relation to the construction phase and future occupants of the car showrooms and further opportunities for job creation at The Green as well as the delivery of market and affordable housing on a site where the council cannot demonstrate a five-year housing land supply."

A statement submitted to the council on behalf of the applicants added: "The phased regeneration of The Green has been discussed for many years, but only now is finally coming to fruition, overlapping with the future relocation of ZF from The Green to Blythe Valley.

"The proposed developments at The Green are based upon a thoughtful and complex process that has been informed by the site's contest, opportunities and constraints.

"There are numerous benefits that will be realised through the delivery of this mixed-use scheme.

"The site's location is ideal for the development of car dealerships fronting Stratford Road.

"This cluster offers potential customers an efficient and convenient comparison between brands, and creates a focus for the specialist skills associated with this industry.

"Delivery of car dealerships generates a wide range of employment opportunities, requiring highly skilled mechanics and other technicians, supported by administrative assistants, sales teams, executive management and financial specialists.

"The scheme will help contribute to the needs and demands of the local area for new housing and will contribute to the provision of affordable housing."
From the above article an overview of the scheme

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All three developments so far have been approved. Have we had any movement on site for any of the care homes? Is McCarthy & Stone on plot 1 U/C? What about Restful Homes on the plot next door...

Proposal: A hybrid planning application for the demolition of the existing
buildings; an outline planning application for up to No. 330
(C3) residential dwellings and for up to 100,000 square feet
(GIA) of car dealerships including MOT facilities (Sui generis)
with all matters reserved apart from access and scale; and a
full planning application for No. 242 (C3) residential dwellings
and a full planning application for a single car dealership
including MOT facilities (Sui generis) including a new vehicular
access from Dog Kennel Lane, a new vehicular access from
the existing A34 Cranmore Boulevard roundabout, tree
removal works, landscaping, infrastructure upgrades and
drainage works
I haven’t been past in a while but someone on solihull updates page posted a comment they’d started on site here
Carry on along the Stratford Road over the M42 and you have Mcclaren and Rolls Royce
Carry on along the Stratford Road over the M42 and you have Mcclaren and Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce are on the Stratford road?
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