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THE HAVEN | Perak (Ipoh) | 26 fl x 3 | Completed (2013)

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Superboom Projects unveils The Haven
By Max Koh of The Edge Financial Daily
Wednesday, 24 March 2010 20:08

IPOH: Property developer Superboom Projects Sdn Bhd has unveiled The Haven (pictured), a high-end lakeside residences located next to a lake and 280 million–year-old limestone formation in Bukit Tambun, Ipoh.

Its chief executive officer Peter Chan said the Haven is a unique development as it is built next to a four-acre natural lake with “living water” and a 14-storey high monolithic limestone formation.

“Close to nature and yet just a shout away from city amenities, The Haven offers a new benchmark in modern living with a picturesque setting that mother nature crafted,” he said after unveiling the project at the newly completed showhouse here on Wednesday March 24.

The RM230 million development on a 13.8 acre leasehold tract comprises three 26-storey condominium blocks housing 489 units, while another 10 acres would be retained for landscaping.

The project would have the tallest buildings in the state (Perak) when completed in three years, said Chan.

Priced at an average RM298 per sq ft, the units range from RM250,000 to RM1.4 million.

Sizes range from 958 sq ft to 2,840 sq ft while penthouses will be between 3,743 and 4,345 sq ft.

“We are confident of The Haven’s appeal to people in Ipoh and as a retreat or vacation home for other Malaysians and foreigners. The buyers so far are not just from Ipoh and Malaysia but also Singapore and Hong Kong,” said Chan.

Services and amenities provided include swimming pool, landscaped driveway, waterway gardens, jogging track, playground, picnic grounds, barbeque area, saunas, equipped gym, badminton court, café, high-speed broadband access and high security.

The Haven is located less than 5km from the North-South Highway via the Tambun Interchange, and is 10 minutes away from the city. A number of golf courses are also located nearby.
Superboom Projects is an Ipoh-based property developer responsible for developing the 576-unit Permai Lakeview Apartments in Ipoh and the Subang Galaxy residential development comprising 175 terraced houses in Shah Alam. It was incorporated in 2002.
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The Haven to set benchmark
By Sharen Kaur
Published: 2010/03/25

THE Haven, a RM250 million lakeside residential project in Tambun, Perak, will set a benchmark for high-end developments in the state, said property developer Superboom Projects Sdn Bhd.

Its chief executive officer Peter Chan said the project, which features Perak's tallest condominium blocks when completed in early 2013, is the first of its kind in the world.

The Haven comprises three 26-storey blocks of luxury condominiums with green features.

It is aimed to be among the first development to embark on all feasible avenues of harvesting nature's renewable, sustainable resources such as wind, water, bio-gas and pro-active mechanical resources to power and maintain common areas, Chan said.

Each block will offer 165 units overlooking a 1.6ha private natural lake with running water, a 14-storey high monolithic limestone rock formation, and the existing 280 million-year-old limestone hills.

"The Haven is a distinctive development with trappings of luxury and functionality. It will be an icon for Ipoh, with a picturesque setting crafted by mother nature. No projects in the world will be able to replicate The Haven, not at least for the next three to five years as land with natural settings is scarce," Chan claims.

The Haven was unveiled yesterday at the company's showhouse in Tambun. So far, 30 per cent of the Block A units have been sold.

The units, priced from RM250,000 to RM1.4 million with sizes ranging from 958 sq ft to 4,345 sq ft, comes in 12 variations and have attracted buyers from Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore.

"We believe we are laun-ching The Haven at the right time as the market for high-end products in Ipoh is picking up. There are more people from Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and foreigners looking to buy condominiums in Ipoh as a getaway," Chan said.

The developer will launch the second block when sales at Block A have reached 80 per cent, said the company's co-principle David Yam.
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250k is cheap!!!!!
ini projek sudah lama but only now baru mau launchingka...sudah ada news since 2008....
Awak tinggal mana?Havenlah aikk belum kiok sudahboleh pegi sana ah!
Superboom lancar projek The Haven bernilai RM230j
from utusan online

KUALA LUMPUR 28 Mac - Superboom Projects Sdn. Bhd. (Superboom Projects) melancarkan projek pembangunan kediaman mewah, The Haven di Ipoh yang bernilai RM230 juta. Ketua Pegawai Eksekutifnya, Peter Chan berkata, The Haven merupakan sebuah pembangunan unik yang menerapkan ciri-ciri kemewahan dan kemudahan berfungsi di celah-celah alam semula jadi.

''Daya tarikan utamanya ialah sebuah tasik semula jadi seluas empat ekar dengan airnya yang sentiasa mengalir serta pembentukan batu kapur yang tersergam teguh setinggi 14 tingkat," kata beliau dalam kenyataannya di sini.

Chan berkata, The Haven menawarkan satu tanda aras baru dalam kehidupan moden dengan persekitaran yang menawan berserta ciptaan alam semula jadi.

Pembinaan itu terdiri daripada tiga blok kondominium 26 tingkat yang telah diumumkan oleh Chan di rumah contoh yang baru disiapkan di Tambun, Ipoh.

Rumah contoh itu menampilkan cita rasa dan sentuhan kehidupan di tempat beristirehat memandangkan ia menawarkan pandangan sebenar, daripada unit siap, dengan tasik semulajadi dan pembentukan batu kapur yang menakjubkan di pinggir tasik.

Sejumlah 489 buah dalam 12 variasi akan dibina di tapak seluas 5.52 hektar manakala empat hektar lagi tidak disentuh untuk mengekalkan keindahan semula jadinya.

The Haven bukan sahaja di kelilingi oleh bukit-bukit batu kapur yang berusia lebih a 280 tahun tetapi juga merupakan tempat bagi pelbagai jenis flora dan fauna yang masih belum disentuh.

Dengan harga permulaan pada RM298 sekaki persegi, harga bagi unit-unit di The Haven adalah antara RM250,000 hingga RM1.4 juta.

"Kami yakin kemunculan The Haven sebagai kediaman bagi penduduk di Ipoh dan rumah persinggahan atau percutian bagi lain-lain warga Malaysia dan warga asing.

''Para pembeli bukan sahaja dari Ipoh dan Malaysia malahan juga dari Singapura dan Hong Kong," katanya.
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A new haven in Ipoh
[email protected]

THE HAVEN is expected to raise the bar in condominium living in Ipoh when completed in 2013.

The Haven Sdn Bhd co-principal Peter Chan says the RM230mil lakeside development will boast five-star services and amenities.

Peter Chan enjoying the view of the lake from the balcony of the show unit.

“The Haven is a development of distinction with trappings of luxury and functionality. It is an idyllic hideaway amidst nature with its centrepiece – a 1.6ha natural lake and monolithic limestone rock formations,” he says.

The project comprises three blocks of 26-storey condominiums with a total of 489 units built on 9.63ha.

It will include all the facilities of an up market condominium including a club house complete with gymnasium, sauna, a cafe/restaurant, a 60 m pool, spa, children’s playground and ample car parking facilities.

Chan says preservation of nature formed the cornerstone of the development as the company recognises the need to care for the environment and to reduce its carbon footprint.

“Our aim is for The Haven to be among the first developments to harvest nature’s renewable resources to power and maintain common areas. We will use solar panels and wind technology. Water from the lake will be harvested for common washing areas,” he says.

According to Chan, the water from the lake can be used for drinking as its quality surpasses the World Health Organisation’s requirements.

Despite being so close to nature, The Haven is only 10 minutes from the city centre and between three and eight minutes to all the major hypermarkets.

The Haven, Chan says, will have multi-layered security such as closed-circuit televisions, computer card access for residents, fenced perimeter and regular security patrolling.

The size of the units range between 893 sq ft and 2,840 sq ft and are priced from RM270,000 to RM1.4mil.

“Response has been overwhelming since our show unit was opened for viewing recently,” Chan says, adding that buyers from Singapore and Hong Kong had purchase some 60 units so far.

“We are confident of its appeal as a home for those in Ipoh as well as a retreat or vacation home for other Malaysians and foreigners,” he says.

The Haven Sdn Bhd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Superboom Projects Sdn Bhd.

Superboom Projects is the developer of the 576-unit Permai Lakeview Apartments in Ipoh and Subang Galaxy in Shah Alam.
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Haven of holiday homes
By Sharen Kaur
Published: 2010/04/22

THE Haven, a high-end lakeside gated residential development in Ipoh, Perak, is attracting investors from Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore who are looking for holiday homes in Malaysia.

The RM250 million project is developed by Ipoh-based Superboom Projects Sdn Bhd, and features three 26-storey blocks of luxury condominiums.

Chief executive officer Peter Chan said The Haven is unique as it has natural settings with picturestique backdrop.

Each block has 165 units overlooking a 1.6ha private natural lake with running water, a 14-storey high monolithic limestone rock formation, and the existing 280 million-year-old limestone hills.

The units are available in 12 configurations - panoramic corner, lakeview, central lakeview, two- and three-bedroom bungalows in the sky, duplex and penthouses and garden units.
Chan said The Haven is aimed to be among the first developments to embark on all feasible avenues of harvesting nature's renewable, sustainable resources such as wind, water, bio-gas and pro-active mechanical resources to power and maintain common areas.

He said the condominiums will be the highest and the most expensive development in Perak, setting a benchmark of modern living.

Chan added that almost half of the first block has been sold since the unveiling of the project in Tambun, Ipoh, about one month ago.

"Majority of the buyers are up-graders from within Ipoh. The project has met our expectations in terms of sales. We believe the remaining units will be snapped within the next few months.

"We are now getting the attention from foreign property seekers and will open for sale the second block by the end of this year. We are bullish on the market," Chan told Business Times in an interview.

The regular units range from 958 sq ft to 2,840 sq ft, while the penthouses range between 3,743 sq ft and 4,345 sq ft. The units are priced from RM250,000 to RM1.4 million each.

"We spent three years designing this project. Our philosophy is to deliver attractively designed and finished homes to purchasers. Much attention is given to details so no renovation is necessary when the owners move in," said Superboom co-principle David Yam.

Yam said the five-level security from the entrance of the driveway leading up to the entrance of each floor, in addition to a fenced-up parameter and regular patrols was another selling point of the project.

Superboom will be introducing The Haven to home buyers in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow on a special invitation basis.

Read more: Haven of holiday homes
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3blocks 26storey
Property Type: Condominium
Land Title: Residential
Tenure: Leasehold
Land Area: 13.8 acre
Listing Price: From RM300,000 - RM1,670,000
Bedrooms: 2-5
Bathrooms: 2-5
Total Units/Lots: 495
Bumi Discount: 5%
Completion Date: May 2013
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Superboom Gets Good Response For Condominium Project
By Zarul Effendi

PETALING JAYA, Sept 23 (Bernama) -- Property developer Superboom Projects Sdn Bhd has sold up to 80 per cent of the units in Tower A of The Haven, its luxurious condominium project in Perak.

Its chief executive officer Peter Chan said that Tower C, which was now opened for booking, was also selling well.

"The RM250 million worth project, consisting of three blocks, is creating much buzz in Ipoh, even before its official launch in November 2010," he told Bernama at "The Haven Picks Shell Flintkote Colourflex" press conference here Thursday.

"We expect all the units from Tower A and Tower C to be sold out by end of this year," he said.

Tower B, however, is still at the designing stage and not yet open for booking.

According to Chan, investors and buyers will also be surprised by the quality of the management as seen from previous projects handled by the company, in addition to the Haven's unique maintenance fees scheme.

"A graduated scale enables owners to pay less per square feet for big units at The Haven, thus making it a value investment," he said.

Located at Tambun, Ipoh, The Haven will be the first luxury condominium in Malaysia to use the Shell Flintkote Colourflex premium products in order to provide high quality waterproofing paint and membrane for the building.

"No developer has taken this option before because of the higher cost consideration but not us," Chan said.

"Using the best quality material we can afford for The Haven has been our hallmark from the start. Our announcement to use the Shell Flintkote Colourflex products is a statement of our commitment in this regard," he said.

Shell Bitumen's country business manager for Malaysia and Singapore, Brian Low, said this was a landmark deal for the company and a groundbreaking one for the Malaysian construction industry.

"For The Haven, choosing this product will give more benefits to the buyers, protecting the whole external structure of the building," he said.

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Haven appoints Bina Puri as main contractor
by Surin Murugiah of The Edge Malaysia
Friday, 15 October 2010 10:01

KUALA LUMPUR: Bina Puri Holdings Bhd has been appointed at The Haven's joint venture (JV) main contractor with Beijing Construction Engineering Group.

The Haven, which is being developed by Superboom Projects Sdn Bhd, is set to be Perak's most luxurious condominium project.

It is also touted to become an iconic landmark as Perak's tallest building at 26 stories when completed in 2013.

In a statement on Friday, Oct 15, Bina Puri said it would supported by a team of specialists from Beijing Construction Engineering Group, which is represented in Malaysia by Beijing Construction Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd.

The appointment of the Bina Puri-Beijing Construction JV will be formalised on Oct 19, 2010 with the signing of agreement with Superboom Projects followed by a presentation of the Letter of Award, it said.

Bina Puri-Beijing Construction was picked from among seven bidders, including other international players, for the contract, it said.
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Bina Puri JV wins Ipoh condo job
[email protected]

RM109mil contract to build The Haven for completion in 2013

KUALA LUMPUR: The joint venture (JV) between Bina Puri Holdings Bhd and Beijing Construction Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd (BCEG) has won a RM109mil contract to build The Haven, dubbed to be the most luxurious condominium in Ipoh.

The contract, awarded by Superboom Projects Sdn Bhd – a privately held property developer, is for the construction of the high-end residential project slated for completion in 2013 with gross development value of RM250mil. The Bina Puri led-JV was chosen over seven bidders. The leasehold Haven, Lakeside Residences is a 26-storey building with 489 units located in Tambun, Ipoh.

Superboom chief executive officer Peter Chan (pic) said The Haven, with its special features and quality, would be the best value luxury condominium in the world.

“Selling at RM338 per sq ft, the price range will be between RM300,000 and RM1.7mil for various units of between 968 sq ft and more than 5,000 sq ft (penthouses).

Peter Chan
“The price is definitely lower than the price (of similar residential) in the Klang Valley but it cannot be a lot lesser as the building cost is the same although the price of land per sq ft in Ipoh is about one-eighth of that in Kuala Lumpur,” he said after the signing ceremony for the appointment of the JV as the main contractor for the project.

In terms of price appreciation, Chan said they expected a high increase.

“According to the experts, intrinsically it is worth RM450 per sq ft by the time the market realises its potential.

“The take-up rate has also been encouraging so far prior to the launching scheduled by year-end or early next year. Currently 80% of block A and 20% of block C have been sold.

“Construction works of the two blocks (A and C) have already started but development of block B is expected to begin in the next four to six months,” he said.

Chan said the strength of this development lay in its location besides its facilities and conveniences. There are features such as the attractive limestone and green environment and it is 12 minutes drive to the city centre.

Meanwhile, Bina Puri chairman Datuk Wong Foon Meng said both parties in the JV had equal roles and responsibility. Each company would bring its own niche strength to the project, he added.

“With our vast experience in the construction and property sector, we are confident of delivering the project within the stipulated time-frame,” he said.

To date, Bina Puri had delivered projects exceeding RM7.8bil. So far this year it managed to clinched new projects up to RM1.64bil.

BCEG, on the other hand, has completed several projects worth RM265mil in the Klang Valley. It is part of BCEG Group from China which is on the top-225 international contractors list.

Meanwhile, Superboom’s porfolio included the 576-unit Permai Lakeview Apartments in Ipoh and Subang Galaxy in Shah Alam. It has incorporated The Haven Sdn Bhd primarily to undertake The Haven development.
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The Haven ubah perspektif Ipoh

The Haven yang dikelilingi persekitaran batu kapur mampu menarik minat pembeli.

KUALA LUMPUR 19 Okt. - Pembinaan kondominium termahal di Ipoh, The Haven, dijangka bakal mengubah perspektif ibu negeri Perak itu yang selama ini dipinggirkan dalam pembangunan.

Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Superboom Projects, Peter Chan berkata, The Haven akan muncul sebagai projek ikonik di negeri itu, sekali gus meningkatkan sektor hartanah dan meletakkan penanda aras baru bagi sektor itu khususnya di Ipoh.

The Haven, bakal dibangunkan bersama Bina Puri Holdings Bhd. dan Beijing Construction Engineering Group (BCEG) dengan nilai pembangunan kasar sebanyak (GDV) RM250 juta.

Kondominium mewah yang terletak di Tambun, Ipoh itu merangkumi tiga blok bangunan 26 tingkat yang menawarkan 489 unit termasuk sekurang-kurangnya enam penthouse.

Menariknya, The Haven bukan sahaja kondominium paling berprestij tetapi juga menawarkan lokasi terbaik yang dikelilingi persekitaran batu kapur unik dan menarik di Perak.

Katanya, blok A sudah 80 peratus dijual manakala blok C pula 20 peratus dan kerja-kerja awal bagi blok B akan dimulakan tidak lama lagi.

Harga kediaman yang ditawarkan daripada serendah RM300,000 seunit sehingga RM1.6 juta, berdasarkan harga RM338 sekaki persegi.

Mengulas mengenai harga kediaman yang tinggi itu, Peter berkata, beliau tidak menafikan harga tanah di Ipoh masih rendah berbanding di Kuala Lumpur dan Pulau Pinang.

Bagaimanapun, katanya, Superboom Project mendapatkan kontraktor dan arkitek terbaik untuk menghasilkan projek itu, setanding kualiti hartanah di Lembah Kelang.

''Memang harga tanah di Ipoh murah, lapan kali ganda lebih rendah berbanding di Kuala Lumpur tetapi kami membawa teknologi dan kepakaran yang sama dari Kuala Lumpur untuk memastikan The Haven menjadi projek ikonik.

''Jadi, sekiranya mutunya setanding, isu tanah murah tidak timbul kerana kualiti menjadi keutamaan dalam membeli hartanah,'' ujarnya.

Tambahnya, kediaman pajakan selama 99 tahun itu dijangka siap sepenuhnya dalam tempoh 30 bulan.

Sejajar dengan kedudukannya sebagai kondominium paling mewah di Ipoh, The Haven menawarkan pelbagai kemudahan seperti rumah kelab, gimnasium, kolam renang, spa, taman kanak-kanak dan tempat letak kereta.

Pemaju turut menawarkan laluan joging di kawasan hutan buatan sendiri, yang dikelilingi tasik sedia ada.
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i heard 1st block already sold out and 2nd block almost sold out...
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