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I have recently discovered that my father has, in storage, the original scale architectural model of the Glasgow Heron House aka "Pinnacle" produced by Derek Stephenson & Partners back in 1967. It is a very detailed 3 dimensional model of the "proposed" Heron House prior to construction along with the entire street block including the St Vincent Street Free Church. It details streets, cars, people and surrounding structures in immense detail.

The Model was in storage for 50 years. As for its history... I know its the original architectural model for the Heron House construction in Glasgow. Architect Derek Stephenson and Partners. Circa 1967.

My father was a professor of sculptor at Sheffield University and says that he bought it in auction in the 70s. We now live in California where it resides. It is about 24”x32”x24”.(not exact dimensions). It is not heavy. I took a picture with my hand in to give some perspective. He is entertaining offers for it if anyone is interested.

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